Sandy – $6.00 CAN, $4.50 USD

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Sandy is named after my mom, because my mom loves bright, tropical colours, and silky, luxurious textures. This feminine shawl is light-as-air openwork, worked all in one piece from end to end.

Sandy is given in charted form only. The ability to read your knitting will be very helpful, as there is patterning on both sides (don’t be intimidated, it’s only 4 rows out of the 28-row repeat). On pages 7 & 8 you will find photo tutorials on how to increase and decrease on the wrong side of your knitting.

Tanis Fiber Arts Silver Label Mulberry Silk is the perfect yarn for Sandy, giving you a piece that is both delicate and luxurious with incredible drape, but can totally be thrown on over jeans or a sundress to keep the sun off your shoulders.

The 500 yard skein results in a generously sized piece at 62” x 12.5”. Instructions are given for adjusting the size of the piece on page 2.


Sencilla – $6.00
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Sencilla (pronounced sen-SEE-ah) is Spanish for simple. Not simple, as in plain, but simple as in elegant. This cowl is just that; a simple, elegant cross between a bandana and a traditional cowl that’s easy to knit, wear & accessorize.

Using just one skein of a luxury DK weight yarn, the cowl knits up quickly and feels delicious against your skin. Its unique shape provides warmth without bulk both at the back of the neck and at that awkward triangle where your jacket opens.

Sencilla is begun at the bottom point and worked upwards in a triangle until it’s wide enough to go around your neck comfortably, at which point you join in the round to continue working upwards. A delicate little 4-stitch cable combined with a slip-stitch edging gives the piece a beautiful finish on the sides, while a single row of crisply defined stockinette stitches frames the textural centre panel. All-over patterning means this cowl will work equally well with variegated and tonal yarns. The cables join to form a beautiful detail behind the neck. Finally, an i-cord bind-off defines the top edge.

All these little details come together to create a comfortable, sencilla cowl.

Yarn: One skein of Tanis Fiber Arts Amber Lable DK weight, or 260 yards of DK weight yarn.

Small: 22 inches at the shoulders, 19 inches at the chin
Large: 24 inches at the shoulders, 21 inches at the chin

boot toppers

One Skein Boot Toppers – $4.50
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These cute and sexy boot toppers work up super fast and are designed to use up just one skein of a luxurious yarn. The cables are easy and the decorative tabbed button band at the top adds a nice finishing touch. Knit them in the round or on straight needles if you find dpns finicky – it’s up to you!

Yarn: 1 skein of Tanis Fiber Arts Green Label Aran weight, or 200 yards of any worsted weight yarn.

Leg circumference (measured at the calf)
Small – 12 inches, Medium – 14.5 inches, Large – 17 inches:


Los Guantes De Claudia – $4.50
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These lovely gloves look deceptively complex but are actually really easy and fast to work up once you get into the rhythm of them. A stag horn cable emerges gracefully from the ribbing at the forearm and dissolves back in at the end with a little extra cable motif to complete it.

Best of all these instructions are for working the gloves on 2 needles – you’ll be using mattress stitch at the end to create a completely seamless result. Knitters who wish to work in the round can proceed with their weapon of choice ;)

Yarn 1 skein of Zen Yarn Garden Serenity DK  (Shown in colourway ‘Mossy Oak’) or approximately 200 yards of DK weight yarn

Sizes: Small – 6” wrist, Medium – 7” wrist

bum cosy

The Bum Cosy – $4.50
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It’s just what it sounds like; a cute and sexy little hip hugger that’s meant to be worn over jeggings or tights to keep your bum warm and stylish in this chilly weather.

The Bum Cosy is built to allow for a lot of stretch, so when sizing you’ll be knitting to give the recipient 2 inches of negative ease (see sizing guideline on next page). The ribbing, and ribbed cables are very forgiving, so you’re more likely to come out too loose rather than too tight. If you fancy a skirt length, instructions are given for making it longer.

Size: Hip sizes for 28”, 30”, 32”, 34”, 36”, 38”, 40”, 42” and 44” have been provided.


Johnathan – $4.50
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This close fitting cabled touque features a celtic cable up one side, framed by tapering columns of ribbing that blend into the brim of the hat. It’s a quick, easy knit, suitable for beginner cable knitters. The decreases are arranged to lie symmetrically around the cable panel for a balanced look.

The cable pattern, tapered sections and decreases have been charted.

Yarn: Tanis Fiber Arts Yellow label DK (shown in ‘Spruce’) or 260 yards of dk weight yarn.

Medium – Fits a head circumference of 19”-21”
Large – Fits a head circumference of 20”-22”


Jax – $4.50
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Sexy and cute, designed to sit above the boot line and hug the back or side of your calf with ornamental cables and optional split lacing design. Use 1 skein for the boot toppers or 2 skeins for full sized leg warmers.

The cable is worked every right side row, resulting in something that looks deceptively complex but is easy to work. Instructions are given for a version where the seam is offset, allowing it to sit to the inside of the leg when wearing the cables on the back of the calf. If, however you choose the wear them to the sides instead the modification is easy; simply set up your stitches so that cables are in the centre, then when you seam it up the seam will be concealed to the inside.

Yarn 1 skein of Malabrigo Arroyo (shown in ‘Plomo’) or 350 yards of sport weight yarn.

Double the yardage for full sized leg warmers.

Sizes: Leg circumference (measured at the calf)
Small – 12.5 inches
Medium – 14 inches
Large – 15.5 inches


Dionne Slouch Hat – $4.50
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The perfect slouch hat for fall, this quick and easy knit works up fast on 4.5mm needles and worsted weight yarn. It’s a great pattern for beginners; all you really need is knit, purl, cast on and cast off. The pattern makes it easy to ‘read’ your knitting as you go, making it a good TV project for seasoned knitters as well. Solid and variegated yarns both work well in the simple, geometric pattern.

Yarn 200 yards of worsted weight yarn

Small:  fits an 18”-19” head
Medium: fits a 21”-22” head
Large:  fits a 23”-24” head



Simple Slouch – FREE
This one works up very fast, without too much shaping, and is ideal for beginner knitters. The simple knit-purl design is patterned on every row, but the results are super pretty and textured. The yarn has quite a bit of drape for super slouch, and the hat is a forgiving fit. The medium sized hat should fit most adults.

Yarn: 200 yards of worsted weight yarn. (I’m using KnitPicks Comfy Worsted, Colour ‘whisker’)
Size: One size fits most

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Man Hands – FREE
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Easy and quick, these simple gloves have just enough pattern to keep you from going batty but are simple enough for dudes to rock without complaining. The waffle stitch pattern is super warm and can show off a variety of yarns. Instructions are given in the pattern for either knitting a basic pair or customizing them exactly to your recipients hands.

Yarn – 1 skein of Tanis Fiber Arts Green Label Aran or approximately 160-200 yards of worsted weight yarn

Size Guide:

Small – 7” wrist, Medium – 8” wrist,  Large – 9” wrist

Bev Cowl

Bev Cowl – FREE
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I had a few design goals for this cowl. I wanted it to be versatile – warm in the winter and loose for the transitional seasons. I wanted to fit flatteringly around the neck, and not feel like I was wearing a lot of fabric that draped in the front, but didn’t actually cover my chest. Finally, I wanted it to sit well under a jacket, without a ton of fabric bulking up the back of the neck.

The Bev has a clever little split in the back, that helps me achieve all of these things. It’s knit in the round for most for the cowl, and then back and forth for the last third or so. The sewn bind-off means that the bottom of the cowl is loose – to cover your chest and shape itself to your body so it’s not like wearing a tube. Best of all, on 5mm needles this baby can be worked up quickly!

Yarn: 2 skeins Tanis Fiber Arts Green or Orange Label. Samples shown in ‘Sunset’ and ‘Frost’ or approximately 400 yards of worsted weight yarn

Size: One size fits most

man slouch

Man Slouch – FREE
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This simple slouch/touque is a quick, mindless, easy knit for both guys and gals.

Because, let’s face it; guys are picky. It can’t be too detailed, in a girly colour or contain un-manly motifs. Here then, is a base pattern for a very simple hat that can be worn slouchy or not, and dressed up easily for the more adventurous. The simple pattern lends itself well to self striping or variagated yarns.

Yarn: 1 skein of Malabrigo Arroyo or 300 yards of any sport weight yarn

Size: One size fits most. Pattern is easily customized.


Lisa’s Shawl
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This easy crochet shawl works up quickly (ah, the speed of crochet!) Simple alternating patterns of solid and openwork rows are accented by adding beads that are visible from both sides of the finished shawl. A tutorial for adding beads to your crochet is included in the pattern.

Yarn: 2 skeins of Tanis Fiber Arts Blue Label (sample shown in ‘Grape’) or 800 yards of sock weight yarn.

Size: One size fits most. Pattern is easily customized.


Bay of Fundy – FREE
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This scarf is pure luxury to wear – 2 skeins of the softest wool imaginable draped stylishly over your shoulders or wrapped up snug around your neck.

It’s called the Bay of Fundy scarf because it was inspired by the tides at the Bay, and because I knitted most of it while on vacation :) It’s a great travel knit because of the lightweight yarn, and mostly mindless nature of the pattern. The cabling is not complicated but produces a very dense fabric, so if you choose to change yarns make sure to use a needle that is one size larger than your yarn requires.

Yarn: 2 skeins of Tanis Fiber Arts Purple Label Cashmere or approximately 800 yards of sock weight yarn

Size: One size fits most. Pattern is easily customized.

vacation scarf

The Vacation Scarf – FREE

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