Yarn Club


Thank you so much for the overwhelming YES you guys sent my way when asked if you’d be interested in a yarn club! I have so many photos that I don’t get to use in our regular collection, so this is a chance for me to play.

Here are our options:

  1. Option 1 – The Opt-in Yarn Club
    Every other month, on the first of the month (starting in June) I’ll post that month’s colour. There will be no pattern, only yarn. You will be able to order that colour for about 48 hours, in any of our normal bases and in any quantity, and then I’ll dye-to-order. If you like it, order lots. If you don’t like it, ignore that one! The cost of the yarn will change each time and shipping will be the usual price.
  2. Option 2 – The Membership Yarn Club
    Every other month (starting in June) I’ll send out everyone’s subscription yarn. The yarn will be a surprise and I’ll ask folks on Ravelry to post no spoilers until the 15th of the month.
    Yarn may be in any of our main bases, or on a specialty base that we don’t normally stock (sparkles, silk, cashmere, oh my!)
    The cost for 4 yarn instalments (June, August, October, December) will be $180 for Canadians (which works out to $45/skein incl. shipping) and $200 for US customers (works out to about $50/skein incl. shipping). No pattern for this one either, just the yarn. Base could be anything except twins. If it’s going well we’ll start again in February.

I like to feel out people’s preferences before proceeding, so please vote here and let me know your thoughts :) Monday I’ll start figuring out the June instalment!

Thanks for all the love, this will be fun!