We’re getting the store ready to reopen after a three month hiatus taken to move, expand, hire, renovate, innovate, and tackle a massive order list, the likes of which will probably give me the heebie jeebies for years to come ;) Store update lands on…

August 1st Re Launch



It’s been a few days since Rav posted a dramatic statement aimed at eliminating hate speech on their platform. In our 140 Character world, reposts, shares would have looked like this:  “New policy, effective immediately We are banning support of Donald Trump and his administration…

WHY Do I Stand with Ravelry?



Heya folks, here’s a big update on where we’re at.  Just before Frolic we were 3 weeks out on our very latest order. We had one week to prepare for Frolic itself and there was a tragic, young, death in the family of our assistant…

Big updates.



The Blue Brick has grown beautifully, but with that come the necessary growing pains and we are long overdue for an overhaul to the way our store works. Increasingly long lead times have, completely understandably, led to frustration for folks awaiting their yarn packages. Ombre…

Changes to our online store



So far, I’ve stayed out of the discussion on IG about racism and inclusion in the knitting world. I’ve never made a secret of the fact that I’m brown in my posts, or that my family is multi cultural. I grew up in the diverse…

Racism. It’s a Thing.



Holiday kits are ready to roll out at last! Everything on this list is scheduled to ship before or on November 30th, which is hopefully ample time for holiday deadlines. All prices are in Canadian dollars and we ship worldwide for $12 CDN. How do…

Holiday Kits – Everything you need to know :)

A few years ago, Tito and visited Vancouver Island, rented a car and drove to Tofino. We shot there for several days; the driftwood, the kilometres of empty beaches, the massive trees, Tofino was a dream. We went during the off season, so it felt…




This autumn we wanted to do something a little different to celebrate the coming of cooler weather. These past few weeks you might have seen some yarns with a slightly different flavour showing up on instagram; instead of having our photography inspire the yarn, we’ve…

Living Yarns



We’ve added a small, but useful function to our website that will help users coordinate different colourways, both tonal and ombre. On any product page you will now see two tiny buttons on the left. Click “Add to compare” to save the product to your…

Compare Function on our site