Prairie Storm


With all this playtime in variegated yarns lately, I knew I needed to do a proper autumn ombre. I went through tons of autumn photography, and finally settled on this lovely shot from Merrickville, Ontario, where it was just getting ready to storm hard, but the sun was breaking through right at the horizon.


I didn’t want to do the traditional reds and oranges, though I love those colours too. I was looking for something a little more natural and rustic. Here are the results!


The teal blue sky lightens to a sky blue, before transitions through a quick green tone into a rich brown. The brown lightens up into gold, before deepening into the reddish tone of the corn fields with the sunset light hitting them, just breaking though that last opening in the clouds before the rain started. Prairie Storm is already up in our shop if you’d like to check it out!

img_0687 img_0694 img_0690 img_0689 img_0693