New online store!


Happy March 1st! Today there is lots to celebrate at The Blue Brick – the opening of our online store, allowing us to move off Etsy and offer things with a little more flexibility (and a much nicer design). Etsy is awesome, but not for everything, and we felt it was time to give our yarn a new home. To celebrate, we’re offering 10% off your entire purchase for the next three days, simply use the code SPRING16 at checkout!


Our Etsy site will continue to operate with my Resin Jewelry book, and knitting pattern sales, but all yarns (and knitting patterns as well) are being moved to the new site at Rather than once-a-month updates that create frustrating shopping experiences, I will be keeping the store stocked up with as many goodies as I can.


While I have tech’d and test-driven all aspects of the site, there are bound to be kinks for the first few weeks (I’m hoping I just ‘anti-jinxed’ it). I will be smoothing over the details as they arise, but hoping they will be few and far-between.


I’m excited about this new step for The Blue Brick :) Onwards and upwards!