Hand Painted Series – Terra Cotta Reserve and the Rideau Locks


The Terra Cotta Reserve is a pretty significant place to us; we were hiking in the reserve when I first thought that it would be great to use actual leaves and flowers in jewelry, we’ve done tons of great photography there, and Tito and I will even be doing our wedding photos there. Terra Cotta was a natural choice for my next colourway, ‘Autumn in Terra Cotta’.


The Rideau Locks colourway is based off a photo taken in the picturesque village of Merrickville, Ontario. Where the Rideau runs past the town, there are still beautiful old hand-cranked canal locks. The night we stayed there, we were coming back from dinner when I saw the beautiful blue hour light over the canal; I had to run back to our room to grab the camera!


There are 4 more colourways to reveal :) Stay tuned!