Hand Painted Series – North Ontario


Our home is filling up with yarn for Friday’s Etsy update =D Here is a sneak peek of a few more of the colours I’ve prepared!


This time I wanted to do a few shots that were all centred around a roadtrip that Tito and I took through North Ontario a few years ago. We drove to the top of Lake Superior, then hit a long, largely empty highway (highway 11) to go further north through small northern communities like Long Lac, Kapuskasing and Hearst, eventually coming back south to Cochrane and Timmins. It was austere and beautiful; we travelled in the fall and could actually see the world go from autumn colours, to grey and empty, to snowy and beautiful again, all over the course of only a week, as we went further north (I made a short video of the trip! If you’re curious, you can see it here).

First up: This is Rossport Park. It’s at the top of Lake Superior, and I fell in love with the quiet, serene park – all rocks and water (two of my favourite things). There are only 2 skeins of this: each is a generous 472 yard skein of luxurious bamboo, nylon, merino sock.


This photo is of a spot called ‘Old Woman’s Bay’ in Lake Superior Provincial Park, also one of my favourite places! I have prepared this one in merino lace weight (980 yards), merino worsted (200 yards) and merino nylon sock (80/20), 420 yards.


And lastly, ‘Highway 11’ itself, that beautiful, empty stretch that leaves from Nipigon heading north.  I have prepared this one the same as above; merino lace weight (980 yards), merino worsted (200 yards) and merino nylon sock (80/20), 420 yards. I think some merino/cashmere/nylon also made it’s way in there.


More sneak previews on the way tomorrow :)