The Blood Moon & Mooning Cats


On Saturday night I caught this beauty rising over the lake – a perfectly timed blood moon is such a lucky shot!


Sunday I caught this lovely angle. Sadly, not such a rare occurrence around here.


Sunday was also the day that I finished our latest batch of sterling silver, bought the table, chairs and tent for our first art festival (<2 weeks away!) and got a chance to shoot some of our latest! I am in LOVE with how this viola preserved:


And this purple iris has so much lovely detail:


And these days I’m really hooked on how sterling silver, turquoise resin and birch bark look together!



Finished off a few gorgeous rings as well:

3V8A8865 3V8A8863 3V8A8860

And then got another shot of my handsome cat, doing his thing. Almost as majestic as that moon shot, right?


We are totally pumped for our first show. Check out this link to see our summer art festival schedule! As always, if you love my work and feel inspired to make your own resin jewellery, check out my how-to book for everything you need to know; supplies, techniques and tips on how to not only work with resin, but choose and preserve flowers. You can learn more here :)