Rainbows and Flowers


Yesterday we went out to do a little shooting for a table banner we could use at the festivals this summer. I wanted something that showcased the spectrum of materials, and flowers that we worked with. We took a bunch of our pieces and laid them out on a dark, distressed wood background:


Though it’s not a complete spectrum, and I think I would have preferred a lighter background, I do like the results! It translated into a lovely banner;


While we were at it, we also tried hanging some of our sterling silver work in the trees:


And laying out some of my favourite pieces (turquoise, of course!) on the wooden seating areas:


We’re getting closer to showtime, and everything is ramping up for us; production for one, but also the small things involved in running a business like graphics and marketing, promotional materials, book keeping, inventory and materials (like tents, tables etc.). It’s fun, but a little tiring too, and it’s taking a lot of time away from my fiber’y pursuits. It’s not taking anything away from how excited I am for the first show though! Check out our summer show schedule here!