New FO – the Citizen Shawl


Citizen shawl

I was looking for something cuddly to make out of some of the alpaca skeins I bought last autumn at Alpaca Acres in Stratford. Alpaca is so soft and luxurious – I knew it would make a great wrap!

The Citizen Shawl

I selected the Citizen Shawl by Liz Abinante. I have knitted her Travelling Woman shawl a few times and thought this would be perfect.

Citizen Shawl

For anyone trying this pattern out, a few warnings! The pattern has got a few holes in it – the most important one being that you should end up with 251 stitches before the lace pattern, instead of 248, so make sure you download the latest version.

Citizen Shawl

Here is my Ravelry project page where I list all the changes I made to the pattern. It’s easy enough, and some of the changes are obvious, but I think they might be tricky for someone new to lace knitting.

Citizen Shawl

The shawl was a gift for my lovely friend Annie. Her and her partner Jane have created the most beautiful home, filled with art and warmth and music. In fact, their home is so lovely it deserves it’s own post later on this week!

Citizen Shawl

I still have 3 precious skeins of Alpaca left in the “Sandy” colourway – I’m looking for a fabulous summer wrap pattern! Any ideas?