Put a Little Love Out Update:


I didn’t know if the idea would have any traction, but it’s only been up for a day and I’ve heard back several beautiful stories so far. One from a lady who helped out someone at work because they had the same rare blood type, one from a person who rescued a one-eyed stray kitty, even a lady who helped avert a suicide through the simple act of letting a stranger use her phone. There were sweet, small stories too, someone who cleaned up after a windstorm upended all the trash cans at her work, someone who bought a candy bar for a tired cashier and someone who helped a man in a wheelchair cross the street. The stories are sweet and cute and I love reading them ! Keep them coming, it’s been such a special treat for me to get these lovely emails and I can’t wait to share them with everyone.

The one about the person who averted a suicide was the first one I received and it was an especially meaningful one to me; it shows that the consequence of the smallest action can be more profound than we would ever imagine.

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