Put a little love Out – A Free Pattern – with Karma!


Inspired by the good works of the Yarn Harlot and other knitters who have used patterns to raise funds for charity I’ve decided to try an idea of my own for knitting karma! Here’s how it works. This is a lovely cowl pattern I’ve just developed:

Put a little love out

It’s a beautiful and stylin’ one-skein project. I used less than 200 yards of worsted weight yarn (Misty Alpaca’s Tonos Worsted in this case) for this snuggly cowl.

Matching bands of moss stitch frame a soft cowl that’s knitted flat and seamed to create a vertical tube for the lacing, which you can use to cinch the piece on one side for a very stylish look.

Put a little love out

It’s suitable for folks who are just learning; you only need to be able to knit, purl and seam. For more advanced knitters it’s a fun and mindless project that you can whip off in an evening or two. The simple pattern is perfect for showing off variegated yarns or knitting in a solid colour.

Put a little love out

Enough about the cowl – how do you get the pattern? Have you ever been to a party where they throw a beach ball in the crowd and everyone has to help keep the beach ball in the air? I’m trying to create a karmic beach ball that we can all help keep in the air. So if you love the pattern and want a pdf it’s completely free – here’s how you get it:

I already know that you’re a wonderful person. I’m sure of it. Write me an email (hello@thebluebrick.ca) and tell me something nice that you did. It can be giving up your seat on the train, smiling at someone who looks like they needed it, or buying a coffee for someone who’s cold. Nothing huge, just do something wonderful and do it with love in your heart. Write and tell me about it and I’ll send you the pdf.

Put a little love out

It’s my dream to have a blog posting in a month or two where I share your beautiful stories (without names) and hopefully combine them with photos of your beautiful finished cowls for a feel-good blog post about how we put a little more love in the world through sharing this dialogue, and pattern together.

I hope very much that I will hear from lots of you beautiful people in the weeks ahead :) So go out there and be your wonderful selves :) A very special thank you to the first person to show this project some love; the beautiful Jeanette who posed for these photos :)