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Holidays with SweetGeorgia, Vol. 1

As a member of Sweet Georgia’s soundboard, I get sneak peeks at their upcoming patterns and collections, and this week I received the new Holidays with SweetGeorgia, vol. 1. Who doesn’t love a good bit of holiday knitting? This collection features gifts that span the gamut in terms of how long they take to make (I’d say from a week to a weekend) so there’s plenty of time to Christmas and something for everyone :)

Lookbook_CoverI’d like to feature my fave patterns, all of which are on my personal gifting list this year!

Soft Twilight by Corrina Ferguson

I love, love, love the colours. This was the first one to catch my eye (no surprises there, right?) and judging from the pattern it looks complex but is actually quite simple to make, my favourite kind of knitting.


I’m a sucker for blue-greens and also for gradient sets, so this was a perfect hit for me. Not so much into the blue-greens? SweetGeorgia has other colour options available.


Next up, Tallin by Deborah Dar Woon. I confess, I need to make this just because I’m so curious about how it folds together.

017_SGY-Holiday15Final 019_SGY-Holiday15Final

This pattern goes from a hat to a cowl, and stays closed on its own when worn as a hat. I’m wildly curious to understand how it works, but it sounds brilliant!


Ok, my favourite for last: Peninsula by M K Nance.

How beautiful are these?


I suspect they will get made… but possibly not gifted. That’s a knitters prerogative, right?


I love everything about this, the cables, the twisted stitches, it’s texturally rich. Doesn’t look like TV knitting though, and it would be my first pair of toe up, so I might save this for cosy nights on the couch this winter :)

Be sure to check out the lookbook here, there’s something for everyone, and it’s early enough in the season that you can pick more than one!

The Lost Project

Somewhere in the shuffle of my wedding day I lost my knitting! I thought I had done a thorough check of the hotel, and our bags, and the car, but I have to conclude that it’s lost. I’m kinda bummed, because it had a lot of significance to me.


The last known photo of the knitting was just sent to me by my Matron of Honour, thanks Kris!



It begins with a skein of my own Point Pelee Lace in ‘Bajan Pier’. Baja Pier was based on a photo taken where Tito proposed to me.


And then I cast on for Joji Locatelli‘s “A Day to Remember“. Of course.


It was a perfect pairing, really great for showing off my yarn colours. The project was with me when I met the Yarn Harlot at an airport…


And with me at my stagette, which involved much tea, boardgames and knitting (wild night)…


And finally, with me on my wedding day. I worked a few rows while waiting for my bridesmaids to be ready. The next day, for the life of me, I couldn’t find it.


More’s the pity, by that time I was more than halfway through a 1000 yard skein of lace weight, which takes some stamina. It was a beautiful, mindless project though, perfect for carrying through the pre-wedding madness.


Ah well, I hope whoever found it was a knitter! I don’t have the heart to cast on another right now, but I will definitely have to dye up some more Bajan Pier.

Back in the Saddle

Back in the saddle after many weeks of being preoccupied with wedding stuff, and being away on a truly epic honeymoon :) Feels good to be home, good to be married, and I got to celebrate my birthday in Rome. I’m a lucky girl. Also, we had fireworks.


On our honeymoon, Aine was with me every evening on the ship :) I am completely in love with this cowl, the texture is out of this world! Linda Marveng, the designer, is a genius.


I had been cabling without a needle for most of it, but finally gave in and started using cocktail stir sticks.


I love this photo, because it shows my bridal henna, before it faded off:


This lucky cowl got washed in a cruise ship sink and blocked on our balcony on a sunny day in Greece =D Tough life!

IMG_4369 IMG_4371

And the best part? FO shots in Rome. Not just Rome, but from the Ponte Sant’Angelo (completed 134 AD). How very, very cool is that? In the background you can see the Castel Sant’Angelo.


I dropped from the recommended 13 repeats to only 10, because I’m super short and it just felt better on me. The texture and smoosh factor are out of this world and the reversible cables make me unreasonably happy.


The yarn is Sweet Georgia’s Merino Silk Aran (discontinued) in the colour way ‘Goldmine’. I’ve been hoarding it forever and this was just the perfect project for such a luxury yarn. I couldn’t love it more! Ravelry project page here.


Fall with SweetGeorgia Vol 1

Big news at the Blue Brick! The Fall with SweetGeorgia Vol 1 Collection is out, and I’m one of the designers =D I’m super honoured, and excited to be a part of this, with my new design the ‘Siesta’ cowl. Check out the lookbook here, and the entire collection on Ravelry here.

© SweetGeorgia Yarns / Josh Yong, 2015. Fall with SweetGeorgia Vol 1.

© SweetGeorgia Yarns / Josh Yong, 2015. Fall with SweetGeorgia Vol 1.

Siesta began as a series of sketches, based on my love of bandana style cowls. I’m always looking to cover that gap that traditional cowls leave, just where the jacket closes. Also, not being particularly long of neck myself, I love the idea of a cowl that leaves bulk and warmth only where I need it, and has a slim line otherwise.


I played with a textural stitch that I really loved, and added a slipped stitch edging that resembles an i-cord when done, while keeping the edge from rolling.


And the pattern is finally live! The other patterns in the collection are _stunning_ and I am so thrilled to be part of this! Thank you to the folks at Sweet Georgia, and I’m already casting on one of the other gorgeous patterns tonight :)

© SweetGeorgia Yarns / Josh Yong, 2015. Fall with SweetGeorgia Vol 1.

© SweetGeorgia Yarns / Josh Yong, 2015. Fall with SweetGeorgia Vol 1.

FO – Tut Tut, looks like rain

What’s a long road trip good for? Casting off a Henslowe, that’s what.


The yarn is from ‘See Jayne Knit’ and the colour way is called ‘Tut Tut, looks like rain’. I decided to take the FO pics yesterday because the day and the yarn were a perfect match.

DSCF0452 DSCF0439

Normally I’m not a fan of variegated yarn and lace patterns, but I don’t think this turned out too badly.


It’s a comfortable size, the yarn is super soft, and I’m sure it will get lots of wear this winter :)


FO – Custom Fit Featherweight

The Custom Fit Featherweight is off the needles, fits like a dream, and I’m totally in love.





Magic. Gets me every time.

Magic. Gets me every time.

As soon as I really came to terms with having to seam it all up, I briefly panicked.


Luckily Amy Herzog has a number of fantastic tutorials on her blog that made it super easy. I got better as I went along, much faster than I expected to. Before I knew it, it was done.


Tito and I are currently road tripping through the US. Tennessee is stunning so I thought, ‘what better place for FO shots?’.

IMG_1084 IMG_1079 IMG_1077

We even got photos with some super friendly State Troopers :)


Sneak Peek of New Pattern – The Leslie Top

<><><><><><><><><> Showtime this weekend! <><><><><><><><><>

We’d love to meet you! The Blue Brick will have a booth at ‘Art in the Vineyard’, a free event being held by
Frogpond Farm Organic Winery this coming Saturday and Sunday. 

Frogpond Farm is located at 1385 Larkin Rd. L0s 1J0, Niagara-on-the-Lake, and the show will be one from 11am to 5pm both days. If you’re free this weekend and you live in Southern Ontario, take a drive out to drink some fabulous wine, enjoy the country
and, of course, see us and a host of other amazing artists.

We’ll have all kinds of goodies, including jewelry, accessories, shawl pins, sterling silver pieces
and printed copies of Resin Jewelry, 2nd Edition for sale!

<><><><><><><><><> Update on Me vs. Elastoform <><><><><><><><><>

There is no update, sadly. They continue to use my photography and ignore my emails. I am continuing to email them and share my story, along with the other artists. They have an Etsy site, and I found a Facebook page, so I will be contacting them through that avenue as well. Fingers crossed!


I’ve really had the design bug lately, and my latest is finally starting to take form! As soon as I saw Tanis Fiber Arts’ new colours, Graphite and Saffron, I knew they had to appear together in a garment, and so the ‘Leslie’ top was born.


These are only sneak peeks right now because the design is not ready yet. I need to rip back the front to where my neckline shaping begins because it’s slightly off-centre and I’ve had to tweak my charts. On the whole though, once it’s ready I believe it will be a very fast, comfortable knit with no complicated shaping or techniques.


Stockinette in the round rocks. Is there anything so fast and mindless? I loved working the middle of this shirt, as silly as it sounds.


Can’t wait to finish this up and get shooting. On a slightly unrelated note, I have finally acquired a mannequin and I’m dying to take pictures of her :)



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