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Just having a bit of fun with the phone camera while the real gear was tied up in some interview work. I’m learning to use our brand new DJI Ronin for smooth tilting and panning action while on the move, and so far this thing is a 10. The new lens is working out great =D Of course, it’s -29 out, but we’re not going to talk about that.

IMG_8549 IMG_8547 IMG_8551 IMG_8553IMG_8558

So, this happened…

I was having an off week, and this was the proverbial straw:


I was helping some friends out with a shoot, and went to change the cameras position on the tripod. We had taken the strap off earlier so we could mount the camera to a gimbal, and when I fumbled the camera I reached for a strap that wasn’t there. The camera fell, 6 feet, onto a concrete floor. Amazingly, the lens took the entire brunt of the fall, breaking in half and leaving the bottom barrel still wedged in the camera. I carefully unscrewed it to reveal that miraculously, the lens contacts (and indeed the entire camera) were completely undamaged.

I love the look on everyones face here, right after it happened. It looks like they're waiting to see if I explode or not.

I took this pic right after it happened to test my autofocus. I love the look on everyones face; it’s like they’re waiting to see whether I’m going to explode or not.

I finished the shoot, using another lens, got home, and freely confess that I treated myself to a good long cry.  Tito was super supportive, and reasoned that we could break out a little from our wedding savings to replace the lens (see why I’m marrying him?) so on Saturday I treated myself to this:


That is Canons 100mm prime f2.8 L-series lens. It’s gorgeous, fast and sharp. I haven’t really had a chance to test-drive it yet, but I’m shooting in (and blogging from) beautiful downtown Montreal this week so it’s time to take it for a spin!

It’s probably the saddest I’ve ever been while purchasing a lens, but it died while bravely protecting a 5D Mark III from harm, and you can’t ask for a better end. In memory of that lens, here are some of the best pics I ever took with it.

3V8A3822 3V8A5423 IMG_0904 IMG_2019 IMG_5798 IMG_5846IMG_1709IMG_4164IMG_6984

New Design Sneak Peek!

If you follow me on Instagram you might have seen a few photos of a lace swatch I’ve been working on:


This is the test knit for my as-yet-unnamed new pattern – a light and lacy oversized shawl, perfect knitting for someone who’s dreaming of summer. The shawl will take up one generously sized skein of Tanis Fiber Arts Pink Label (and if you follow the link you’ll get a sneak preview of the colour I plan to work up the sample in!). It will make perfect winter knitting for me, and come summer it will be the perfect protect-your-shoulders, stuff-in-your-purse, light-as-air wrap. I’m stoked!

Olive Sencilla


Sencilla Cowl Knitting Pattern
Purchase on Ravelry  |  Purchase on Etsy

Today I wanted to show off some photos of my Sencilla pattern worked up in Tanis Fibre Arts ‘Olive’, to show how the pattern works when paired with a more variegated yarn.

Olive is a complex, layered colour way, and it shows beautifully on the luxurious Amber Label (a merino, cashmere, silk blend, be still my beating heart).


The yarn is unbelievably soft and cosy, while still lending great stitch definition to the cowl, helping all those little details to pop while still showing off the super colourful yarn.


The cowl is coming in handy this winter – it’s a balmy -18 today with the windchill! I love how the cowl creates warmth without bulk and covers that awkward gap where my jacket doesn’t quite cut it!


Petty Harbour Socks

I cast these babies on over the labour day weekend, for a drive to NYC. I managed to get through turning the heel before the end of the trip, and there the project sat for weeks on end.


I finally picked them up again about a month ago, and raced through the end of the first sock. The second sock got onto the needles right away, and (A Christmas Miracle!) were finished and blocked by Christmas eve, ready for me to give to my mama.


Designed by my dear friend Rayna, Petty Harbour is a gorgeous, free, easy sock pattern. Did I say free? I definitely recommend checking it out! It’s my first sock with an actual leg attached to it (I’ve only ever achieved ankle socks) so I feel pretty proud of my bad self.

Pattern: Petty Harbour by First Light Handcrafts

Yarn: Georgian Bay Fibre Co., Kilcoursie Fingering, Colour: Tobermory Shoreline

Beautiful little goodies

I just wanted to quickly share 2 things today, that I don’t have proper photography of, but that I’m too excited about to keep to myself!


This is my new circular needle holder. Tito made it for me out of polymer clay, and took pains to make it look like carved stone. I think he’s done a very convincing job of creating a middle earth needle holder straight out of Rivendell :) I’m so lucky to have someone that not only supports my crafts, but makes cool things to go with them, and is just as crafty!


And these were made late last night. That’s polymer clay with gold leafing on top, metal findings and a beautiful, glossy coat of resin on top. I can’t wait til these are fully cured! I am into production mode now for the one actual art show we do in the summer. It’s months away yet, but I want to use the winter to stock up :)

Darnley Cascade, Boher’s Falls and the Old Mill

While Webster’s Falls were definitely the most spectacular of the day, we did do a bit of sleuthing around some of the other falls close by, starting with Boher’s Falls, and working out way out to the ruins of the old paper mill.

Tito and I are contemplating a new pet project – documenting each of the 100+ Hamilton area falls, and turning it into a coffee table book with photography, but also the location of each fall, tips for finding them, GPS coordinates, and photography settings that work well. We hope that our little guide book will help other hikers and photographers to explore this gorgeous area!

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