Resin Jewelry Black Friday Sale

I’ve received a few emails asking if I would consider putting the Resin Jewelry book on sale for Black Friday, here are the details!

From 8:30am EST until 10:30 EST tomorrow, the e-book will be $15 ($10 off the regular price). If you prefer a printed book, it will be on sale for $28.95 ($6 off the regular price). Read on for purchase links and more information on the book, including project photos and a table of contents :)




Create stunning jewelry and keepsakes from leaves, paper, fabric, or virtually any other material you can imagine. Jeweler’s grade resin is a fun, versatile compound that cures to a clear and durable finish, offering an ideal medium for preserving everything from photos to flowers.

Resin Jewelry ©Shireen Nadir 2014

Featuring step-by-step photography, and detailed written directions, Resin Jewelry, 2nd Edition is a comprehensive guide to working with resin to create one-of-a-kind pieces you will want to keep forever, or share as unique and personal gifts. This edition expands on the knowledge of the original book with these exciting additions:

• The use of pigments to create a number of new effects, including enamel and faux opal
• How to pour, sand, and finish a resin bangle
• How to use a vacuum chamber for perfect, bubble-free castings

Resin Jewelry ©Shireen Nadir 2014

Through 16 progressively challenging do-it-yourself projects, you will quickly build skill and confidence while creating beautiful pieces of jewelry. A further 18 pieces are explained using the skills you learn along the way, providing additional opportunities to practice and refine your technique.

Resin Jewelry ©Shireen Nadir 2014

Each page is filled with beautiful photography to excite your imagination and inspire you to take your skills to the next level. Troubleshooting, tips, and tricks are included to help you get the best results.

Resin Jewelry ©Shireen Nadir 2014

Whatever it is you want to create, no matter the material you want to encapsulate, this book is an invaluable companion to anyone who wants to make beautiful resin pieces that will last a lifetime.

Resin Jewelry ©Shireen Nadir 2014

Here are some of the other great things artists have had to say about Resin Jewelry

“I must say that I am blown away at the detail you go into for understanding the processes and the beautifully colorful step by step instructions for how to attain an amazing finished result. You answer my immediate questions within the first five pages and then “wow” me with the projects and finesse my mind around all of those mysterious nuances that left me in the dark before looking at your book. This is more than a book; it is a work of art. Two thumbs up. Thank you very much!!

“Your book is one of the best tutorials I’ve ever seen, so I can’t express enough how happy I am to see there’s a second edition coming. More breathtaking pictures and more mind blowing tips, hurray!”

“The only book on resin I have seen that covers how to prepare organic material for incorporating into resin jewellery. A great resource.”

“I love the pics you have posted and am so eager to see this 2nd edition! I am waiting eagerly – knowing there are some really good things to come!! It’s like Christmas in September!!”

“Thank you so much for such a wonderful book, I absolutely love it!!!!”

Resin Jewelry

Table of Contents:

  • 4 Intro
  • 5 Where to get supplies
  • 6 Preserving materials
  • 7 Preserving materials – Leaves
  • 8-12 Preserving materials – Flowers
  • 13 Preserving materials – Paper and photographs
  • 13 Preserving materials – Other organic material
  • 14 Preparing your materials
  • 15 Working with resin-Mixing
  • 16-17 Working with resin-Using a Vacuum Chamber
  • 18-19 Working with resin-Pouring and Doming
  • 20-21 Attaching a Bail
  • 22 Projects:
  • 22-23 Project 1: Getting your feet wet – Basic Resin Pendant
  • 24-25 Project 2: Working with resin molds – Ice Cube Pendant
  • 26-27 Project 3: Using a sealant to preserve elements – Washi Earrings
  • 28-29 Project 4: Using Fabric in Resin – The Lingerie Bangle
  • 30-31 Project 5: Using Printed Transparencies – The Filigree Bangle
  • 32-33 Project 6: Layering Elements in the Resin – I ♥Autumn Ring
  • 34-37 Project 7: Working with open backed bezels – Transparent Pendant
  • 38-39 Project 8: Using a Spherical Mold – The Jungle Pendant
  • 40-43 Project 9: Using Silicon Texture Molds – The Wrought-Iron Pendant
  • 44-45 Project 10: Using Pigments 1 – The Faux Enamel Bracelet
  • 46-49 Project 11: Using Pigments 2 – The Faux Opal Pendant
  • 50-51 Project 12: Using Pigments 3 – The Cherry Blossom Pendant
  • 52-53 Project 13: Using Pigments 4 – White Resin Lace Pendant
  • 54-55 Project 14: Using Pigments 5 – the ‘Stash Buster’ Pendant
  • 56 Bonus Project: The Queen Anne’s Lace Spherical Pendant
  • 57 Bonus Project: Preserving an Entire Dandelion Head
  • 58-65 Inspiration gallery and mini project pages
  • 66-67 Troubleshooting tips

Brigus South


Back to Newfoundland for a few more pics – These are from the little village of Brigus South.


There are 2 things about Brigus South that I found especially charming. The first thing was this odd little group of birds.


The Goose (note the capital ‘G’) appears to be the Boss. Everywhere s(he?) went, this little crowd of ducks would follow. It was super cute, and, much like Newfoundlanders, the birds were incredibly, (and, to city folk like us, oddly) friendly. Domesticated maybe?


The other charming thing was the graveyard. The cemetery appears to go back at least to the 1700’s, but instead of traditional markers there was only one cross marking a grave, a large cross that was a war memorial, and the rest of the graves were marked simply with pieces of the headland wedged into the ground.

3V8A04423V8A0449 3V8A0452

This was the headland where we guessed the headstones had come from. It has a certain charm, to be laid to rest in such a beautiful place, with a piece of the cliff as your marker, don’t you think?

3V8A0496 3V8A0486

Only a few more Newfoundland photos to get through, but I am also knitting, designing, resining and spinning, so look for the return of the crafty stuff soon!

Queen Anne’s Lace in Handmade Bezels


I thought I might take a break from photos of Newfoundland to show off some of my latest resin work. I harvested a lot of Queen Anne’s lace before their season was over, and kept them preserved.


Last weekend Tito made a few bezels for me, and I decided to fill them all with these simple, gorgeous flowers.


The pendants are poured in 3 stages, and open on both sides to allow the light to shine though. I cover off this technique in my resin jewellery book if you’re curious, or looking to make your own!


I think I’ll be whipping a few of these off for Christmas gifts, maybe it’s time to try poinsettias!

Pouch Cove

It’s pronounced ‘Pooch Cove’ and it is said that they are the “first to see the sun” rise in North America. It’s also the town where Rayna was born, hence ‘First Light Handcrafts:)

3V8A0017 3V8A0013 3V8A0114 3V8A0096 3V8A0085 3V8A0070 3V8A0055 3V8A0027 3V8A0024

Petty Harbour

After leaving Cape Spear on our first morning in Newfoundland, Jerry drove us to Petty Harbour for a quick visit. Petty Harbour is the favourite place of our friend Chase, the inspiration behind the Petty Harbour Socks by Rayna and easily one of the prettiest places we got to see on the trip.

From Wikipedia:

The present town is approximately 200 years old, though the site has been continuously occupied since at least 1598, predating the arrival of the Mayflower and making it one of the oldest European settlements in North America.

3V8A9258 3V8A9271 3V8A9296 3V8A9312 3V8A9314 3V8A9322 3V8A9330 3V8A9332 3V8A9254


I apologize in advance for anyone who’s *not* interested in photos of Newfoundland for the next few days, but what can I do when I just came back from my favourite place in the world?

These are from a tiny fishing village called Bauline, population just shy of 400 as of the last census. It’s nestled in beside a mountain, and when we got there it was both snowing and showing just a touch of sunset. Definitely one of my favourite stops on the trip.

3V8A0153 3V8A0177 3V8A0185 3V8A0189 3V8A0198 3V8A0213 3V8A0221 3V8A0228 3V8A0230 3V8A0238 3V8A0240 3V8A0146

Our Lady of Lourdes, Flatrock Newfoundland

From wikipedia:

Our Lady of Lourdes Grotto is a religious shrine located outside of the parish church in Flatrock, founded in 1954 by Fr. William Sullivan after his return to the parish from Lourdes, France. Fr. Sullivan saw many similarities in the terrain in Lourdes to that of his church in Flatrock, and saw that it would be a great opportunity to take advantage of this land. It is to date the largest religious grotto east of Montreal and has been visited by Pope John Paul II on September 12, 1984 where it received a special blessing from His Holiness.

3V8A9982 3V8A9987 3V8A9990 3V8A9991 3V8A9993 3V8A9994 3V8A9984


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