The Blue Brick’s Yarn Bases

We’re ready to ship! Everyone who ordered last Friday can expect their goodies very soon. I finally got my yarn tags in, which was the last bit I needed. I can’t express how happy it makes me to see this pile of Merrickville Gold with my yarn tags attached.


On that note, I’ve finalized my list of bases that the Blue Brick will carry on a regular basis. We’ve chosen to name each base after a place in Ontario that we love. It may be confusing at first, but we find it quite charming, and though we plan to branch out into photography from around the world, I wanted each skein to still have a connection to home.

Tobermory Worsted

  • Worsted Weight
  • 100% Superwash Merino
  • 200 yards/182 metres per skein

Escarpment DK

  • DK weight
  • 100% Superwash Merino
  • 256 yards/234 metres per skein

Killarney Sock

  • Fingering Weight Sock
  • 80/20 Superwash Merino/Nylon
  • 420 yards/384 metres per skein

Point Pelee Lace

  • Lace Weight
  • 100% Superwash Merino
  • 980 yards/877 metres per skein


All skeins are shipping with a 4×6 or 5×5 print (depending on the shot) on kodak metallic paper. In addition, we plan to carry a few special things from time to time:

Niagara MCN Sock

  • Fingering Weight MCN Sock
  • 80/10/10 Superwash Merino/Cashmere/Nylon
  • 378 yards/345 metres per skein

Lake Superior Bamboo Sock

  • Fingering Weight Bamboo Sock
  • 70/20/10 Superwash Merino/Bamboo/Nylon
  • 466 yards/426 metres per skein


As soon as all these goodies are in the mail, we will get dyeing again! Over the next few days I will feature each of my bases one at a time, with photos of the place that it’s named after :)

To Reskein, or Not to Reskein?

I’ve been sharing some images lately of the reskeined work getting ready to ship, and a few folks have asked about the ‘why’ of reskeining, so I thought I’d talk a little about it here.

IMG_2864 DSCF0798

During the hand painting process, things can get very messy. By reskeining, I am making sure that my skein has already been through a swift and skein winder, so my customer is going to get a nice, neat skein that unwinds easily when they’re ready to start working with it. It’s like a last-stage quality check. Everyone has had a skein that turned into a hot mess when they tried to unwind it, and it’s never fun.

Reskeining a hank also provides a better understanding of how the colours will actually sit beside each other in the knitting. For example:


This is a fantastic shot for showing my original intent when I was hand painting. The skein, unwound looks like this:


Reskeined, it looks like this:


And compared against the original photo, you can still see the connection:


I don’t reskein if the hank is already nice and neat and ready to ship, but if I see any rogue threads or think that the skein is likely to give trouble later then I absolutely will rewind it :)

IMG_2877 IMG_2880 IMG_2875 IMG_2874

Thank you!!

IMG_2663Thank you so much to everyone who supported my hand dyed yarn launch day! We were overwhelmed and humbled by the response we received and are working hard to get everyones orders packaged and out the door as soon as possible. I have received many messages over the past few days, and I thought I’d try and answer them here.


I didn’t get what I wanted! Are you going to repeat colour ways?

There are some colours that we plan to add to a ‘signature’ series. Among them are Kim’s Barn, Merrickville Gold and Highway 11. We will continue to add signature colours, but we also hope to keep things dynamic by constantly using new photos to bring fresh colours to the store.


When will there be another update?

We are taking this week to look after fulfilment of everyone’s orders. After that we will be hitting the dye again right away, and are hoping to have an update ready in 2 weeks.


Can you please make more of each base?

I know it was frustrating that there were so few skeins available per base, so this time we will be creating fewer colour ways, but more skeins for each of them, to give everyone a better chance to get what they want.


Will you do custom orders? Can you work from one of my photos?

Alas, this is not something we have the capacity to do right now. We are a tiny operation, in a tiny apartment, but in the future, who knows?


I am picking up the photography prints for everyone’s order today. Your photos will be either 4×6 or 5×5 depending on the shot, and printed to kodak metallic paper for a beautiful depth of colour and sheen that you can’t get from regular prints. I really hope everyone enjoys the prints as much as the yarn.


Thank you again to everyone who came out to support us!

Launch Day :)

Thank you everyone, for the kind words, encouragement and support as we’ve prepared the Blue Brick’s entry into the indie yarn dyer world! This has been a very cool, whirlwind journey that began as an experiment, went viral, and led us to this point.

A few quick notes about our yarn:
Everything will be available in our Etsy shop. The store looks empty at the moment, but that will change at 11 am EST today.

Each skein of Blue Brick yarn is inspired by a photograph taken by us. They are individually hand-painted using acid dyes in a pet-friendly, smoke-free home.

Each skein is handprinted individually, so if you are creating a multi-skein project we recommend striping your yarns to achieve consistency. While every effort is made to colour correct photography, your skein may look slightly different from the one pictured. Hanks may or may not be re-skeined before shipping. Information about each base, including fibre composition and yardage will be be in the write-up.

Speaking of shipping, we are perfectly happy to ship anywhere :) shipping options will be presented at checkout.

With that, I’d like to show off the last colour way for this update, ‘Balls Falls’. Balls Falls (besides having an amusing name) is a beautiful waterfall in the Niagara escarpment area of Ontario, an area that boasts over 115 waterfalls due to its unique geography. I loved this one little spot in particular because of the way the water comes right out of the rock.

And here is a quick recap of all the yarns that will be available today :)

Series-211 Series-210 Series-29 Series-28 Series-27 Series-26 Series-25 Series-24 Series-23 Series-22 Series-2

Hand Painted Series – Forks of the Credit, Merrickville, Harbourfront and Collingwood

These are the last of the new colour ways that I will be featuring in this Friday’s Etsy shop update (starting at 11am EST, no worries if the store looks empty right now, that will change ;)). I was going to split these up over the next two days, but I couldn’t wait to share!

Tito and I went hiking last autumn, and had left home before the sun was even up. By the time we reached the Forks of the Credit river hiking area, the sun was just starting to peek over the trees. The flowers were still curled up and sleeping, covered in morning dew, and I captured this macro shot of New England Aster before it opened for the day.


This one is also from the region of Merrickville; surrounding the town are lots of corn fields, and the last time we drove out that way it was harvest season. I love the golden fields, and the ripe corn ready for harvesting.


This one is a personal favourite of mine. Every winter, the inner harbour (and sometimes the outer harbour) of Lake Ontario freezes over. After a good snowstorm, one of my favourite things to do is bundle up and go walking with my camera before the sun rises. I captured this shot at Toronto’s harbourfront, about half an hour before the sun came up.


Lastly, something bright green :) The first weekend that we had our first car, Tito and I went road tripping with our cameras. We found this lovely wetland area around Collingwood, and this tiny frog was posing for me, sticking his head out of the water and looking right at the camera!


Those are the last of my Ontario-based series yarns for my Etsy launch this Friday :) Hope to see you there! Next up, I think we’ll be expanding our photographic sights to include all of Canada…

Hand Painted Series – Terra Cotta Reserve and the Rideau Locks

The Terra Cotta Reserve is a pretty significant place to us; we were hiking in the reserve when I first thought that it would be great to use actual leaves and flowers in jewelry, we’ve done tons of great photography there, and Tito and I will even be doing our wedding photos there. Terra Cotta was a natural choice for my next colourway, ‘Autumn in Terra Cotta’.


The Rideau Locks colourway is based off a photo taken in the picturesque village of Merrickville, Ontario. Where the Rideau runs past the town, there are still beautiful old hand-cranked canal locks. The night we stayed there, we were coming back from dinner when I saw the beautiful blue hour light over the canal; I had to run back to our room to grab the camera!


There are 4 more colourways to reveal :) Stay tuned!

Hand Painted Series – North Ontario

Our home is filling up with yarn for Friday’s Etsy update =D Here is a sneak peek of a few more of the colours I’ve prepared!


This time I wanted to do a few shots that were all centred around a roadtrip that Tito and I took through North Ontario a few years ago. We drove to the top of Lake Superior, then hit a long, largely empty highway (highway 11) to go further north through small northern communities like Long Lac, Kapuskasing and Hearst, eventually coming back south to Cochrane and Timmins. It was austere and beautiful; we travelled in the fall and could actually see the world go from autumn colours, to grey and empty, to snowy and beautiful again, all over the course of only a week, as we went further north (I made a short video of the trip! If you’re curious, you can see it here).

First up: This is Rossport Park. It’s at the top of Lake Superior, and I fell in love with the quiet, serene park – all rocks and water (two of my favourite things). There are only 2 skeins of this: each is a generous 472 yard skein of luxurious bamboo, nylon, merino sock.


This photo is of a spot called ‘Old Woman’s Bay’ in Lake Superior Provincial Park, also one of my favourite places! I have prepared this one in merino lace weight (980 yards), merino worsted (200 yards) and merino nylon sock (80/20), 420 yards.


And lastly, ‘Highway 11’ itself, that beautiful, empty stretch that leaves from Nipigon heading north.  I have prepared this one the same as above; merino lace weight (980 yards), merino worsted (200 yards) and merino nylon sock (80/20), 420 yards. I think some merino/cashmere/nylon also made it’s way in there.


More sneak previews on the way tomorrow :)


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