My mom has recently been diagnosed with type II diabetes. Learning how to change her diet has been challenging, because so much of it feels like a list of restrictions. Other guidelines might have well been in another language for all the good they did us (what IS a complex carbohydrate?!). I’ve been doing a lot of research on how to help my mom eat better, and to make it simple, tasty and flexible for her.

My research showed me a few things worth noting. One is that type II diabetes CAN be beat. When I say ‘beat’ I don’t mean that you can get your body back to a place where lots of coca cola and cheesecake are ok, but I do mean that it’s not a life long sentence, or a lifetime ban on sweet foods, or the inability to enjoy eating out. It’s about balance and not restrictions, and I’m hoping to help my mom find her balance :) it takes discipline and commitment, but it can be done.

The other thing I learned is that we could probably all stand to eat like diabetics. The decrease in sugars and processed foods, the increase in fibre and lean proteins, this is good for everyone. I am going to change my eating habits as well, not just to stand in solidarity with mom, but because it’s good for me too.

So all this leads to my new side project here at the Blue Brick :) I’m going to go on a quest for healthy, easy, tasty recipes and share them here on my blog. I’m no chef, so rest assured if it shows up on this blog then it must be easy to make. I also have to say this, though it should be obvious: I’m no dietician either. Complicated questions and in depth discussions about your particular situation need to be addressed to your health care providers.

I’m going to start with deserts, because mom loves them and I want her to be able to keep eating things she loves. Enjoy!

~The Blue Brick ~

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