New Colourway – Jade


PSST! Several lovely things are coming to the store this Friday, but the big one is the ‘Longbeach’ colour way and pattern, available from Friday April 1st to Sunday April 3rd.


One of the projects I’ve been working on behind the scenes is a set of colourways themed after natural stones. I visited the Geologic Gallery on Queen West here in Toronto, picked out a few I liked and got dyeing. The first in the series, launching this Friday, is ‘Jade’.


Jade is inspired by the jade stone, of course. I don’t go in for stone meaning, but according to the wisdom of the internet, Jade is used to attract money and love, and also has protective and healing qualities. It’s also inspired by my favourite colours of this fashion season :)

Goodies in my mood board from top left: Corkia Gown By Ted Baker, Jade stones, Sydney Crossbody Bag By Fossil, middle: My new Jade yarn! Bottom: Decouart iPhone caseNormandy Blouse by Wilfred, and Half Stone Drop Ear Jackets By Fossil.


Jade is soft and lovely–neutral but not–and explores blues and greens while still feeling like a warm colour. It will be a permanent addition to my signature colour line, and available on a dye-to-order basis, on any of our regular yarn bases.


There are two more stone-based colours launching this Friday for your shopping pleasure, stay tuned!