Etsy Shop Update, and the last new colours!


Etsy Shop update tomorrow, at 11am EST! This will be the last shop update until mid-late November, and I’m super happy with the work. This update has the new base ‘Manitoulin Merino’; 475 yards of luxurious single-ply merino, and a totally new set of colours. Here are the last two: introducing ‘Meaford’!


This gorgeous colour is available only in Manitoulin merino; 3 precious skeins available tomorrow.


I also created ‘The Battery’; deep ocean blues with hits of bright colours. I’ll be honest, it was a pain to dye, so I doubt we’ll be doing this one again. If you like it, grab it ;)


And how gorgeous is this skein of ‘Night Falls’?


And finally, a recap of the other new colours. Sale goes live at 11am EST tomorrow, hope to see you there!

Wine-Grapes Storm Harvest-Peaches Night-Falls