I Had a Silly Dream


<><><><><><><><><> Showtime this weekend! <><><><><><><><><>

We’d love to meet you! The Blue Brick will have a booth at ‘Art in the Vineyard’, a free event being held by
Frogpond Farm Organic Winery this coming Saturday and Sunday. 

Frogpond Farm is located at 1385 Larkin Rd. L0s 1J0, Niagara-on-the-Lake, and the show will be one from 11am to 5pm both days. If you’re free this weekend and you live in Southern Ontario, take a drive out to drink some fabulous wine, enjoy the country
and, of course, see us and a host of other amazing artists. 

We’ll have all kinds of goodies, including jewelry, accessories, shawl pins, sterling silver pieces
and printed copies of Resin Jewelry, 2nd Edition for sale!


When I’m very tired, I have the nuttiest, longest, most vivid and detailed dreams. Tomorrow is the show, last night was my last evening to do inventory and I was exhausted by the time I got to bed. My dream was so weird I had to share it!


While I’m detailing my bizarre little dream, here are a series of photos from the production days leading up to this show. We have a great selection, including sterling silver, printed copies of Resin Jewelry, 2nd Edition, shawl pins, leather wrist wraps, rings and earrings. Hopefully I’ll get to see a few of you this weekend!


I dreamt I was on a cruise ship, and we were at some random island. Now, it’s important to know that the only bug that will have me running for the hills instead of running for my macro lens is the mighty centipede, and I dreamt that this island had the biggest, thickest, most horrid centipedes ever.


BUT there was this team of knitters who had scientific evidence that when you knit a centipede into a cosy they became as loving, cuddly and playful as kittens.


So here I am, dreaming about all the banal details like taking pictures, eating at a buffet and even dropping my phone, But through it all is this thread, that I’m trying to work up enough courage to give a cosy’d centipede a chance, because everyone says they’re really wonderful, but I’m just full of NOPE.


To boot, a a centipede cosy sounded like a really complex knit! Forget gloves with fingers!

So that’s my silly dream :) And now, it’s showtime!

IMG_9557 IMG_0630 IMG_9666 IMG_0610 IMG_0426