New Resin Goodies, and summer show schedule


Had to share a few snapshots of the work we’ve been up to lately, along with information at last about our upcoming art shows! Tito and I have been accepted to:

Frogpond Farms Organic Winery, Art in the Vineyard, June 20-21
Niagara-on-the-Lake Market, July 11th & 18th
Art By the Lighthouse, August 1-2

We are super pumped. We love art shows because we get to talk to people about our work, explain what goes into it, what flowers are used and why we chose certain shapes and colours. It’s a far more gratifying experience for us than selling online. We’ll be selling jewelry, accessories, shawl pins, possibly even some woven wraps and infinity scarves, and of course copy of my Resin Jewelry book for folks who feel inspired, but would rather learn to make their own creations. If you’re in Southern Ontario, and you feel like a bit of a road trip, we’d love it if you came out!

New on the resin front – experiments in white resin. I love how it pops the colour on flowers that are normally too thin and delicate for the resin. Flowers that turn transparent in clear resin show up beautifully on the white background.

New earrings, a custom order from someone who found us via Instagram. Copper rings with naturally white Queen Anne’s lace flowers under a perfect, glossy resin dome.

Egregious, or awesome? This is a resin hemisphere with a perfect little viola inside. I’ve sanded out a concave section of the back and resined it directly onto a curved piece of etched and tarnished copper. Add some leather straps and a chunky copper clasp and you have an adorable bracelet!

A little more work in brass, at last. Tito and I have been very copper-heavy on our inventory so far, but I’m really loving the colour of brass, and the colour it turns when we add the patina. Blue baby’s breath and red begonias decorate these pendants, freshly cured.

And shawl pins. Lots and lots of shawl pins. Pink and purple tulips, blue hydrangeas, nigella, birch bark and violas.

Last, but definitely not least, more of our work in sterling silver. We ordered up a lot of it, and the sheer cost of working in silver made it intimidating to really get started. This is only our second sterling silver ring, completely handmade, with turquoise resin and natural, white Queen Anne’s lace flowers under a high resin dome. I’m claiming this one!