The Brooklyn General Store and Lovely Discoveries


©Shireen Nadir 2014

Before I dive back into book and resin related goodies I’ve got to show off the little bit of fiber touring I did while I was there.

©Shireen Nadir 2014

The Brooklyn General Store doesn’t sound like a yarn shop, does it? I suppose because, strictly speaking, it isn’t. Nestled on a quiet street in a residential area of Brooklyn, it’s a sweet combination of all kinda of goodies, including fabric roving, dye and ribbon.

©Shireen Nadir 2014 ©Shireen Nadir 2014

Then there’s the yarn. A beautiful selection of all the good stuff, including MadelineTosh. I know that isn’t remarkable in and of itself, but I discovered something that made my little fibrous heart flutter–the colorway ‘Whiskey Barrel’.

©Shireen Nadir 2014

A few years ago, the dyer of my all-time favourite colorway, ‘Graphite’ by Viola Viola decided to take an indefinite dyeing hiatus. The big hit for me was that I could never find another colour quite like ‘Graphite’. Until ‘Whisky Barrel’!

Slurped from Ravelry © saltheknitter

‘Graphite’ – Slurped from Ravelry © saltheknitter

Slurped from Ravelry © reneadiamond

‘Whiskey Barrel’ – Slurped from Ravelry © reneadiamond

*Almost* the same, right? So of course, though it’s far from exotic, I walked out of there with a skein of MadelineTosh.

©Shireen Nadir 2014

I also walked out of there with some packets of acid dye, and a pair of 2-ounce bags of un dyed fiber (superfine merino and baby alpaca).

©Shireen Nadir 2014

Adorable place, awesome selection, and if you find yourself in Brooklyn I’d definitely recommend a visit!