New Experiments – Resin with pigment and graphics


Version 2 of the book comes out tomorrow! I have paypal email addresses for everyone who purchased an e-book from me, so expect to receive your new pdf at that address.

For people who have purchased a blurb book in print from me – unfortunately blurb doesn’t give me any information about who made the purchase! If you are one of these people, please email me at with the date of your purchase as a confirmation and I will be happy to email you a free copy of the updated e-book. Remember, today is the last day to purchase the e-book for only $15, it goes to up $18 tomorrow!

In the meantime, version 3 is underway already! Here’s a sneak preview of what will be included in the next edition of the book, likely coming out around the end of the year, and of course free to anyone who has already purchased the book.

I’m working with pigments and print inlays to add texture and colour to my pieces, here are some creepy pieces I made last night!

Resin Jewelry ©Shireen Nadir 2013

Resin Jewelry ©Shireen Nadir 2013