Just dabbling


On the trip last weekend I was blown away by having got both this photo:

©Shireen Nadir 2013

And this photo:

©Shireen Nadir 2013

And I spent a good chunk of the trip dreaming of, and madly pursuing, having northern lights, stars and fireflies all in the same photo. I wanted it so badly I must have projected it out into the universe because the next bloody day someone posted a picture of just that, to my favourite sunflare monitoring site.

I was pretty peeved at the coincidence, so I got out my watercolours and made this, just to get it out of my system:

©Shireen Nadir 2013

Afterwards I felt better :) And, as a consolation prize, we did get a time lapse. Not just any time lapse, but Tito and I were standing in a field, in the middle of nowhere, goofing off behind the camera with 2 people we love very much – Levi and Laura. To share that moment with them was so very special to us – we look forward to more aurora hunting with them!

The video is not spectacular in terms of aurora – blink and you’ll miss it. But considering how far north we were (even though you can see the glow where the sun set, it was well after midnight) I think it turned out pretty damn good :)