Short things come in important packages


My mom and I are both 5 foot 2. She may actually be 5 foot nothin’, but the fact remains that we are both small.

One day she was chatting with Tito and I, and she dropped this gem: ‘Because short things come in important packages’. To get the full effect, imagine it being said in a sweet West-Indian accent.

Some officious douchbag (I think it was me) presumptuously tried to correct her: ‘Mom, it’s good things come in small packages‘.


She frowned at me for a moment, but then grinned her infectious grin and repeated with confidence (and finality); ‘Nope! It’s short things come in important packages’.


Well, I finally realized that she’s right. This entire post is about a hurdle I have finally crossed – my first socks. I’ve been anti sock all these years thinking ‘why waste time like that?’. They’re amazing. They’re comfy. They fit my tiny feet perfectly. They are extraordinarily important.


Because short things come in important packages. As usual, mom is right.