The Salvadoran Henslowe


I still haven’t processed all the photos from our trip to El Salvador… but I did finish the Salvadoran knitting. Introducing Yolanda’s Henslowe:

Henslowe ©Shireen Nadir 2013

Every time I make one of these I think ‘these shawls go fast!’ and I always forget that bloody picot bind off. This time I got hung up enough on it to calculate – I spent 4.5 hours on the bind off, which is more than a third again of the time it took to make the shawl. However… there were a few things that made this alright this time around… more than alright really, for a start, most of it was done here.

El Tamarindo ©Shireen Nadir 2013

And then there’s the fact that the results are so, so worth it.


The yarn is Tanis Fiber Arts Silver Label Mulberry Silk, 550 yards, and a-one-of-a-kind skein that I picked up at my first ever knitters frolic and have been hoarding since. Nothing could be special enough for this skein.

But then…Tito told me that his mom and I have the same favourite colour. His mom, who I never get to see because she lives in Winnipeg, who treated me with such warmth and kindness on the one occasion I got to meet her. Yes, his mom deserved something lovely from this precious skein.


And of course, Tito’s mom is from El Salvador. Where better to knit her shawl?

Henslowe ©Shireen Nadir 2013

I made a few alterations to the pattern (Beth Kling is great by the way, and very helpful). I increased until I had 60 yarn overs, and worked 5 repeats of her Roman Stripe pattern before beginning the bind off. One skein of TFA Silver Label goes a long way and I wanted to use up every last inch if I could. I love the final size, 55″ across and 17″ deep.


I hate it when you cast off a shawl and it’s so tiny, even after blocking, that it sits awkwardly on your shoulders like the funny little wings of newly hatched butterflies…but the pattern increases here resulted in a generously sized shawl.


Many thanks to my effortlessly beautiful model Leslie for helping out with the FO photos :) Ravelry project page here:

Oh, and in between knitting? I took baby steps in surfing ;)