The Vacuum and the Spam


So I haven’t blogged in super long time. Into that vacuum has come an incredible amount of blog spam for some reason… those telltale comments in obsequious tones and terrible grammar have been clogging my inbox.

So to keep the blog alive and keep the spammers at bay here is a short post. I’ve been sick with the flu which is lousy, but does have it’s upside. For a start, it’s enforced rest, something I need because I’m lousy at getting it on my own. The other good thing about the flu is that it has a definite ending to it; you feel like walking death for a while but then comes the day where every nap has you waking up stronger. Then you wake up famished and that’s a really good sign. Next thing you know you’re back to normal, albeit a bit weak. The cold, on the other hand, the cold feels like it can stick around for an entire season, like you’ve been cursed by a persistent, yet underachieving arch nemesis.

I have, however, been designing. New goodies to share soon!