The Man-Slouch


Finally finished the Dustland Hat by Stephen West, and it goes perfectly with Tito’s Guernsey Wrap. A little too perfectly, the stitch patterns in both are almost identical. No complaints though, it made for a good match with the scarf.

The man-slouch ©Shireen Nadir  2012

I totally did something wrong here, because I ended up with a huge hat and I ran out of yarn. Tito folds up the brim to make it fit. I went over the pattern and couldn’t figure out the problem, so it must’ve been the tension. I’ll need to swatch before making another one.

The man-slouch ©Shireen Nadir  2012

The yarn is Sweet Georgia worsted, in the colourway ‘Olive’. I’ve got to say, I’m enjoying being able to purchase Sweet Georgia yarn without having to go to BC to do it, thanks to the selection over at Eweknit. Ravelry project page here!