MOO cards


I just got my new MOO cards in the mail! I totally recommend these guys to anyone who is an artist and needs business cards that are unique, high quality and show off their portfolio. They’re great for photographers, and crafters.

Moo cards

The perk about MOO cards is that you can put a different image on the back of every card if you want to – at no additional cost. I ordered 50 cards, 5 of each image, and it cost me only $30.99 after tax and shipping.

MOO Cards

It’s perfect for me because, depending on who I’m giving a card to, I can choose pottery, photography, knitting, jewellery or yarn bowls.

MOO Cards

The other side of the card is always the same – you can upload your own design for your contact info or use MOO’s template.

MOO Cards

I also picked up one of these guys ;) It’s a fun way to show off your cards when you’re offering somebody one. Check out their website to see other great products, including postcards, mini cards and more!