I’m going to the caribbean, but first I’ve got to find Northern Lights.


Says a tired Tito to his friends. As if being tied to an insane photographer isn’t the best life ever! Well, I guess I can understand not wanting to drive up north, late at night, the same night that you’ve got a red-eye flight to Florida. pbbbtttthhhh.

We didn’t find them that night, but we did get some great shots nonetheless. We ended up driving to the Cheltenham Badlands for some midnight shooting.

Cheltenham Badlands

Apparently poor farming practices have led to the incredible erosion that you see here. It forms a beautiful landscape, especially covered in snow.

Cheltenham Badlands

These are the badlands as I shot them last October. You can really see the amount of iron in the soil, causing the intense reddish colour.

Cheltenham Badlands

Lots of hiking trails lead in and out of the area, and it’s close to the beautiful Terra Cotta Conservation area.

We shot til a few hours before mom and dad came to pick up at 3 am ;) Then, less than 24 hours later, I was here:

But that is a post for tomorrow ;)