Cosy Tea cups, and the pressures of perfect yarn.


I finally finished my latest wooly muggeth designs – a revolutionary new way to consume hot, yummy drinks!

Cosy Cups

These hand thrown cups were designed with a groove around the middle, to make a secure spot for my knitted mug sweaters.

Cosy Cups

Using matching thread I sew a strip of no-slip to the inside of my mug cosy – coupled with the groove that I carve into the clay body it makes my mug sweaters absolutely secure while still allowing them to come off easily for cleaning.

Cosy Cups

When you fill up the mug with hot drinks the cosy part heats up without becoming loose on the mug. So you can wrap your hands around a nice, soft, warm mug sweater and enjoy your tea :)

Cosy Cups

And for the sweaters I used the leftovers from one of my all-time favourite colourways – ‘graphite’ by Emily (Viola Viola).

Though it was the perfect match for my new mugs I might not have used it if I knew what I do now: Emily is taking a possibly indefinite break from dying yarn. This is tragic, because I am absolutely in love with the colourways this talented lady was creating. So much so that I frogged 2 pieces I had made with her worsted weight graphite, washed and reclaimed them, and am now fretting about what the perfect thing to do with them might be. I’m solving this by designing my own infinity scarf pattern.

Dear Emily – You are so very talented. Thank you for making great yarn. If  a time should come when you reconsider… then I hope you will start again because you have a gift for it. If it’s not in the cards, well I’d just like to say So Long and Thanks for all the beautiful Yarn :)

There is still almost a week to enter my contest folks – check out the post to enter!