Romantic Copper jewellery


I can’t get away from the autumn leaves, though my stores of preserved ones are getting woefully low :( However – I had enough for a few last pieces in my autumn leaf series and I think these are my most beautiful and romantic items yet.

This lariat style necklace is made with a copper butterfly charm and a heart shaped pendant. The heart contains real autumn leaves, preserved in jeweller’s grade resin.

This beauty is an antique copper pendant with filigree elements that were hand-shaped around the pendant after the resin was cured. The leaves are from a sumach.

This gorgeous medallion is the same idea as above – though in this case the filigree was adhered directly to the resin.

autumn jewellery ring

I’ve saved the best piece for the last one :) This ring is my absolute favourite, so delicate and detailed with 2 pieces of shaped filigree and textured autumn leaves below the resin. Even the side view is lovely:

autumn jewellery ring

I have discovered that working with natural materials and resin is my favourite medium. No matter what other ideas I have, I always come back around to this one, the possibilities are endless and nature herself has provided me with so much inspiration, and such a beautiful colour palette. I will be making these until the very last leaf of my 2011 storage is gone, but I am already moving into work involving flower petals – more on that tomorrow!