Fear of Commitment Cowl – Free pattern by Coco Knits


I tried out this free pattern from Coco Knits By Julie Weisenberger – the Fear of Commitment Cowl, and I love it!

It’s super flexible, and easy to wear. I bought a few different toggles for the closure – it’s not attached so you can give yourself a few options to play with.

While I was knitting this I couldn’t resist taking a few goofy knitting kninja photos ;)

Yep. Knitting badass.


Before you ask – no I didn’t knit the cowl with my sais, they’re too heavy and taper besides so I’d never get an even stitch. However the shot was so goofy I couldn’t resist.

Check out the rest of the Coco Knits store for other great patterns, both free and for purchase. I saw a poncho on there that’s definitely going on my list!