Winter is coming…


Vogue caplet

My latest knitted goodie – the caplet from the cover of this issue of Vogue Knitting. Knit all in TFA Green Label Charcoal It’s my first Vogue pattern and my first time knitting from a chart. Ravelry project page here:

I learned a lot knitting this one; for example I learned that if you’re knitting from a chart for the first time it’s probably not ok to photograph the chart with your iphone and assume that this little bit of information will be enough for you to knit through a long road trip. I began the pattern cabling to the back instead of the front, with the result that I ended up having to mirror the entire thing and rewrite the chart.

Though it took me 6 tries I’m glad for the experience. It made me stop reading from a pattern and think about how cables actually work – so I could figure out how to make the rest of the pattern look like the photo. It’s one of the more complex things I’ve made and I’m pretty proud of it!

vogue caplet

I love working with TFA yarn for projects like this – the stitch definition is so beautiful it really shows off all your hard work. The charcoal colour makes this a perfect accessory and easy to wear. The tie at the top allows me to cinch it up and slip it over a sweater for a little extra warmth or open it up and slip it over my coat to dress it up. I’m sure it will turn into a winter wardrobe staple for me.

Speaking of winter, if you caught the quote in my title then yes, I am finally reading a Game of Thrones, and yes it’s as good as I’ve heard ;)