Resin and Washi – Take II


I loved the washi bracelets from a few weeks ago and decided I couldn’t stop there; here are my latest attempts :)

Ice Resin bracelet

I love this one – hematite findings with a toggle clasp and black/white/pink washi.

Ice Resin bracelet

Because the ring and the backing are not one piece I had to make my own bezel. I used contact paper on the back of the ring to make a seal, placed a thin glaze of jewellers grade resin on the back, placed the washi inside and added a second pour, including the dome. The paper ends up nicely sealed inside the resin and after it’s cured you can pull the contact paper off the back and add your own backing.

Ice Resin bracelet

To make sure the paper didn’t go translucent on me I sealed it using Modge Podge beforehand. I let this dry for a full day, to make sure it was totally cured before adding the resin.

Ice Resin bracelet

Turquoise and antique copper are one of my favourite colour combos.

Ice Resin earrings

2 extra medallions went into a cute pair of earrings.

I’ve been doing some more work with resin and flower petals – more pics tomorrow!