Inspira – Mt Kiluea


Kiluea is an active volcano in the Hawaiian Islands. Last spring, my girlfriend and I celebrated 20 years of friendship by traveling together to Hawaii. I think the most intense, and awe-inspiring part of that trip was a 4am boat trip we took, on 20 foot waves, to see Kiluea pouring lava into the ocean at dawn. It’s one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen. Inspired by this awesome sight I have created my latest bracelet, entitled ‘Kiluea’.

The deep reds of cooling lava are represented by deep red crystal, hot lava pouring out of the cliffside is evoked using swarovski fire opals. Real lava, tumbled, pierced and made from the Hawaiian shield volcanos are used, as well as black Hawaiian sea coral beads, to represent the ocean. Included in the mix are clear crystals and white quartz, for the ocean spray and the head of steam that came up whenever a wave hit the lava.

This bracelet is the second in my Inspira – natural wonders series (the first being the icebergs of Newfoundland). The bracelet and photography will be available in my upcoming show this November 24th.