Merging two loves – yarn and clay.


Late night double posting today; I wanted to share some things I just got out of the kiln – these are yarn bowls and yarn bells for knitting and crochet. The construction is simple and elegant, you place your ball of yarn either in the bell or in the bowl, thread your yarn through the groove and knit away! The pottery keeps your ball turning smoothly  while you work, keeping it dust and pet-free, while also preventing it from rolling away on you. I’ve tried out each one myself, and they work like a charm :)

*Post Update* – these beauties are now available at the Purple Purl here in Toronto. They got a mention in Canadian Living Magazine and people love them =o) Want to order one, but don’t live in Toronto? Have a custom request? Email me at! Or click here to see my latest pieces =o)

yarn bell

Yarn bell

yarn bowl

yarn bowl
yarn bellyarn bell

yarn bowl