Crochet hoodie blanket – free pattern!


hooded baby blanket

In response to a few emails, here is the pattern for my hoodie baby blanket – Please email me if you have any trouble with the directions – this is my first take at writing a pattern so it might be kind of sloppy =o) I even had the courage to add this to Ravelry! Any feedback will be greatly appreciated.

**UPDATE** My apologies to everyone for a major oversight in the pattern. The directions on how to begin the hoodie section were missing. I have uploaded a new pdf to both the download link and to Ravelry. Please feel free to email me if the pattern is still unclear, and a special thank you to Turquoise for pointing out the problem to me!

I just want to point out one thing about the ties on the hood: Do not make them long enough to actually tie under the baby’s chin – that would be a hazard and the ties are not intended to be used in this way, they are just there as decoration, and to make the hood a little snugger when needed.

Edit: You can now download my pattern here:

hooded baby blanket