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I am a Bad Blogger

…And I should feel Bad.


I have all kinds of stuff to talk about (and some stuff that I can’t wait to talk about, but have to keep on the low for a few more weeks) but I’ve just been too disorganized to really it together for a blog post. We’ve been so busy; we were at the Niagara Jazz Festival Etsy Market, the Niagara-on-the-Lake Farmers Market for a few weeks, and the Niagara Pumphouse annual Art By the Lighthouse show last weekend.


We’ve gotten really good at loading our car, we no longer get lost in Niagara-on-the-Lake, we’ve eaten a lot of delicious (unhealthy) road food and show food and late night bar food, and we’re tired and happy.


We’ve gotten some cool new displays set up (more on that later) and produced some gorgeous sterling silver work, and created some cute drawings to tell people about what we do and encourage them to try things on, but that’s not here either.


I knitted something. I knitted it so furiously and with such speed that I hurt my wrist. I can’t blog about it… but now that my wrists are better and I’m free to start a new project I’m overwhelmed with possibility.


I’m spinning, and dyeing, but I haven’t documented it.


Today though, today all I have for you are photos of the sky. I shot the sky all the way there, all weekend, and all the way back. Apparently, there was hell to be had in the township over, or back in Toronto, or in St Catharines the night prior… but somehow our art show existed in a perfect, clear blue sky with perfect weather. Lucky us!


Shipwrecked in the Deep Freeze

Last weekend, on our way home from the frozen Niagara Falls shoot, Tito and I decided to make one more stop before Toronto, and pulled off at the Jordan Station shipwreck to see what it looked like in the deep freeze. We’ve shot this old wreck before, here is a shot I took in the summer:


We were in for an unexpected treat; this time, the entire inner harbour was frozen solid.


It was solid enough that there were ice fishing huts on the water, so we knew it was safe enough to get closer, and to even climb onto the ship itself for the first time.

3V8A3331 3V8A3285 3V8A3309 3V8A3325 3V8A3299

As you can see, it’s quite abandoned.


And the staircases had warped so much they looked like a Dali painting.


The ship was gorgeous up close. So many different textures!


Today it’s a balmy 3 degrees celsius, and we’re not complaining. The lake is unfrozen outside of the inner harbour, and even the harbour ice is breaking up. However, I cannot dispute the perks of very cold weather, getting to see the boat up close was a real treat!

Brigus South


Back to Newfoundland for a few more pics – These are from the little village of Brigus South.


There are 2 things about Brigus South that I found especially charming. The first thing was this odd little group of birds.


The Goose (note the capital ‘G’) appears to be the Boss. Everywhere s(he?) went, this little crowd of ducks would follow. It was super cute, and, much like Newfoundlanders, the birds were incredibly, (and, to city folk like us, oddly) friendly. Domesticated maybe?


The other charming thing was the graveyard. The cemetery appears to go back at least to the 1700’s, but instead of traditional markers there was only one cross marking a grave, a large cross that was a war memorial, and the rest of the graves were marked simply with pieces of the headland wedged into the ground.

3V8A04423V8A0449 3V8A0452

This was the headland where we guessed the headstones had come from. It has a certain charm, to be laid to rest in such a beautiful place, with a piece of the cliff as your marker, don’t you think?

3V8A0496 3V8A0486

Only a few more Newfoundland photos to get through, but I am also knitting, designing, resining and spinning, so look for the return of the crafty stuff soon!

Something for the road

So now I get to reveal something that is both very sad and kinda exciting. Rayna, my fibre buddy, confidant, bridesmaid, craft companion in spinning, dyeing, weaving, designing… in other words one of the most important people in my world, is moving home to Newfoundland. Permanently.

In a lot of ways this sucks, and I’m going to miss her like mad. On the other hand, she’s moving to one of my favourite places in the world and a place I will happily visit regularly to see her and her hubby (though, as was pointed out, if she was moving to someplace ghastly I would still find a way to visit regularly).

All their stuff is being shipped home for them. There are 2 things, however, that need to be driven there (the car itself, and their doggie). Tito and I have opted to drive with her, to keep her company on the road and help get her settled.

We’re light packers. Camera gear will take up more room than clothes, and the only other thing is knitting, because that’s a lot of hours to be on the road. I confess that I’ve thought more about what knitting to bring than I have about what clothes I should pack. Then yesterday I saw Sous Sous by Norah Gaughan:


So last night I did this:


I knitted a sweater about 5 years ago and it turned out too tight so I frogged it. I bought a sweaters worth of Tosh DK in a colour called ‘filigree’ and cast on the ‘Effortless Cardigan’ but I missed my gauge and it was turning out really huge, so I frogged that too. I’ve never knit a successful sweater, but this pattern really captured me, and what better project for a week on the road?

I tell myself that she’s not moving that far, that the internet is a wonderful thing, and that I’ll see her regularly. I know that there will be some teary farewell’s in 2 weeks, but in the meantime I’m super excited for the drive! I will try to blog daily as we pass through some of the most gorgeous country on earth. Old Quebec City, Montreal, Moncton, the Bay of Fundy, Peggy’s Cove, Cape Breton Island, Port Aux Basque and then across the island to St John’s, this promises to be a gorgeous drive.

Mini-Getaway to NYC

Last weekend, Tito and I took a quick (and desperately needed) getaway trip to visit my cousins in New York City. We needed a break, for the end of the summer, and also I really needed to step away from the book. My editor had it for the weekend, so that seemed like the right time! I took only my little Fuji x100s camera, set mostly to archival Fuji BW film.

Here are some highlights from our trip to the Met. What an incredible place to get inspired, so many textures! As a knitter/potter/polymer clay/resin junkie I was in heaven.

My handsome guys <3

My handsome guys <3

The Metropolitan Museum of Art, NYC

The Metropolitan Museum of Art, NYC

Samurai armour

Samurai armour

One of my favourites, this is Katherine Linn Sage (Kay Sage) and it's called 'Tomorrow is Never'.

One of my favourites, this is Katherine Linn Sage (Kay Sage) and it’s called ‘Tomorrow is Never’.

The colours! I must dye a skein of yarn to match this.

The colours! I must dye a skein of yarn to match this.

Goofy boys

Goofy boys

My other favourite. This is by a Norwegian painter called Pedar Balke. He painted this particular scene a few times, I love how real and silvery the water looks.

My other favourite. This is by a Norwegian painter called Pedar Balke. He painted this particular scene a few times, I love how real and silvery the water looks.


We saw less than a 20th of the collection I’m sure, but I’m so glad it was part of the 48 hours we had in NYC!

DSCF0194 DSCF0196 DSCF0138 DSCF0073 DSCF0204

San Francisco and Fibre Stop 4 – Imagiknit


San Francisco is very awesome. We were sorry that we only had one day to explore it – and we decided (we’re not sorry about this bit) to leave the big cameras checked at the hotel rather than carry them with us.


I couldn’t resist having a bit of fun with the hills. Everything we wanted to see felt like it was all uphill, both ways.


We spent part of the morning on a walk though (up?) Chinatown.


These shots are so cheesy, but I get a kick out of them every time.


The houses are the prettiest I’ve ever seen. I love them even more than I love jellybean homes in St John’s, and that’s saying something!



Finally, we achieved the final stop on the fibre tour – Imagiknit. Holy selection, and it’s all good.


I had a really tough time narrowing it down, but ended up settling on 100% tencel, hand dyed. This is where I got the weft for my latest palindrome scarf. The tencel adds strength and shine, but still has fabulous drape.




If you look closely, you can see a tired Tito in the ‘man check’ area ;)


We loved San Francisco so much that we’re planning a return trip, just to spend a few more days in the city. It was a great place to unwind from our road trip!


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