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The Honey Cowl

Honey Cowl

I’ve been craving one of those long, loopy scarves – and I found the perfect solution in a free pattern by Madeline Tosh. The Honey Cowl uses up 2 skeins of DK weight yarn in a completely mindless, easy knit that works up fast!

Honey Cowl

Again, we’re taking the mirror route of photography here….

Honey Cowl

This slip stitch patten is unbelievably quick and mindless, a good TTC knit. I’m using 2 skeins of TFA Yellow Label DK weight yarn in ‘Deep Sea‘. Deep sea is my favourite these days….it’s taken over from Mallard ;) I love how this simple stitch pattern compliments the subtly varigated yarn.

Honey Cowl

The slip stitch pattern is also dense and warm. Both sides look lovely;

Honey Cowl

I could definitely have kept going – but there was a cold snap in Toronto and I wanted to wear it! I did have more than half my 2nd skein of TFA left over, so I’ll be making matching mittens.

Honey Cowl

My only pattern mods were that I went straight into the pattern without the stockinette border, and that I added a few inches to the length. The stitch pattern is easily modified to make it shorter or longer.

Honey Cowl

Did I mention that the pattern is available free on Ravelry? Pattern page here!

First sweater… almost there!

Just a quickie post today because I’m dying to show my progress even though it’s not done…

6 balls of TFA Green label Sunset, and a relatively simple top down cardi. Some waist, neckline and sleeve shaping (new to me) and what I believe is called Raglan sleeves. I’ve had to work with my old friends, the DPNs for the sleeve shaping. You can see a lighter band around the chest area, there is a slight colour shift where I switched skeins. I don’t mind it, and after blocking it might be more subtle. TFA yarn is all hand dyed goodness, so some variation is expected I’m sure – and I’ve heard that you can ‘stripe’ your knitting to achieve consistency with hand dyed yarns – does anyone know how to do this? Email me if you do!

It feels just a little small when I try it on, but I’m relying (fingers crossed) on my competent swatching. I took care to wash and dry the swatch before measuring because TFA opens up a little after blocking. Therefore, this should fit fine…(how many rookie sweater-knitters have said that, I wonder?)

Still hoping to have it ready for the knitters frolic at the end of April, but likely much much earlier. I still have two balls left, I’m hoping that’s enough for not just the other sleeve, but a hoodie instead of the neckline in the pattern (though if I stick with the pattern I’ll have a bonus ball of TFA left over for other stuff….)

Exciting, right? Well this has taken me over a month so far, and it took me around 7 months just to have the fortitude to select a pattern and start. So I’m pretty excited to have it done with! I’m even planning to make my own lampworked clasp, lets hope it works!

Oh, yes I did.

Meet the new baby.

This is the Canon 7D. Swaddled in TFA Grape. Yes, I said swaddled. Because nothing says love like TFA yarn. No Patons cop-out for my camera!

I crocheted a camera cosy. I’m not sure if this qualifies me as uber geek… or just incredibly lame. Maybe they’re the same thing. Nonetheless, I’m pretty proud of my new camera and it’s protective Canon-mitten =oD

There is a reason, besides just reaching for hitherto unheard of levels of crafting madness; it protects her from the elements, and allows me to tuck in a few hand-warmers around the battery casing which extends the life of lithium batteries in the cold. Really – it works. I’m taking her snow shoeing in Tobermory in a few weeks, so I’ll need it.

While I’m at it I’ll give you another little nugget of wisdom – if you’re taking your camera out in elements of dubious merit (rain, rainforest, fog etc.) then do this first: Go to a shoe store, ask them for a bag of the silica gel packs (most stores throw away a ton of these things every day) and pack a bunch of them into your camera case. Even if you’re just moving in from the cold and to a warm room, and you’re worried about condensation inside of the camera body – try this trick.

I can’t take credit for this nugget of wisdom – when I told the people at Henrys that I would be taking the camera canoeing up the Amazon river and did they have any suggestions, they could only  (with sad faces), wish me good luck. When I mentioned it casually to someone at Mountain Equipment Co-Op they said ‘Hmmm… I wonder if this would work?’ and took me to the shoe department. Well, that person was a genius and I have them to thank for successfully taking a V.1. Rebel, plastic casing and all, from the Andes to the Amazon with absolutely no problem.

I left openings in the cosy for all important things, like the tripod foot and the dial for changing shooting modes, settings and of course, the shutter button.

The grody little boogly face on the right was given to me (and my 50D) in Madrid by a very nice girl who came up to me at random and gave it to me for good luck. I took some very fine shots in Spain, so I suppose it worked out for me =o) I’ve kept it on the camera ever since.

Many of the cameras other settings are accessed through the back LCD – so I didn’t need to leave anything else free.

It’s quite the engineering feat if you think about it. And yes, I’m talking about the cosy and not the camera, which we can assume is an amazing piece of equipment and which I love dearly. I’ve been a Canon shooter for over 12 years, and this, my latest appropriation, is a pretty damn amazing camera!

My 50D is being gifted to my beautiful friend Yvette, who I’ve known nearly all of my life and who is moving on to new adventures in New Brunswick next month. I can’t wait to see what beautiful work she does with it!

Look! I made myself a Bracelet! Take 2…

Gone forever…

Dragonfly Bracelet

The dragonfly bracelet is lost =o( not 2 days after I finally made matching earrings, I decided to wear it out of the house for the first time.

I hate the TTC

Witness, the absolute madness that is trying to board a train on the Yonge line during rush hour. I hate the TTC! I can’t wait til I buy my condo and am back downtown again where I can walk everywhere =o)

Dragonfly bracelet

To return to my sordid tale: while on that horrid, sweaty, crushing, stampede to get on a train my lovely bracelet was torn from my wrist and lost forever. I discovered it missing when I got to work. I was pretty upset, to be honest, it didn’t seem fair. If I had bought it I wouldn’t care, but because I made it, it felt like someone had broken a piece of my pottery.

So…I mourned it’s loss, and have made another bracelet for me, much less expensive, less delicate and therefore less worrisome.

Swarovski and filigree bracelet

Here it is – very pretty, and quick and easy to make. Caribbean blue cubic swarovski beads with antique bronze filigree findings. Done. Simple. Ok, so I used a toggle clasp, but the whole thing just feels more secure than the gorgeous-but-tricky oversized dragonfly clasp of yore.

In a way, it’s just as much ‘me’ as the other one – I love filigree and I love the colour turquoise and I love antique bronze. I also don’t tend to be big on bling. That having been said, I’ll certainly be re-making a new ‘expensive’ bracelet for myself to wear on dressier occasions (with a better clasp this time!)

Cute little lantern earrings finish it off. The earrings I made for the previous bracelet are still with me, and I still love wearing them just by themselves.

Hey, speaking of how much I love turquoise, I treated myself to a gorgeous skein of TFA Blue label yarn in Mallard for my first shawl in the Travelling Woman pattern! Pics to come soon, I’ve finished the set-up rows and am ready to start the lace, this shawl moves along very quickly. Once my first shawl is out of the way I think I might finally treat myself to a skein of TFA’s Mulberry silk yarn for the next one.

it may not be the original, but it’s an adorable bracelet in it’s own right and I’m enjoying wearing it =o)

Thermis Cowl in TFA Jewel

First and most importantly – my kitty is going to be ok =o) He had a bladder infection, but he’s looking much better this morning. Whew!

Lots to say about jewellery lately, so I wanted to put up a knitted FO post – so much going on lately that I’m having trouble keeping up!

Thermis Cowl

This is another Thermis cowl (Ravelry project page here) knitted as a Christmas gift for a friend, who was gifting it to another friend. I made one of these for myself a few months back and I absolutely love cuddling up in this thing! It knits up pretty fast, and it’s warm and squishy.

thermis cowl

The colourway is TFA Jewel. Loving this colourway lately, I’ve got only a little left and I’m trying to think of something fun to do with it.

Cubic Zirconia earrings

Inspired by the yarn we decided to add a couple of sweet little cubic zirconia drop earrings to match.

There’s a fun story of how we decided to make it purple – We wanted to find out her favourite colour without giving it away, so I put out an open call on facebook to a bunch of our mutual friends asking for everyone’s favourite colours. After finding out hers was purple I knew what colour to make the cowl, and as a bonus, what colour to make everyone else’s Christmas bookmarks. Score!

Serenity Bookmark

Here is a pic of my cowl – knitted up in Viola Viola’s Graphite colourway:

Thermis Cowl

More goodies coming up soon:

  • I bought a new camera! yay! The Canon 7D – as soon as I have a chance to take it out for a proper maiden voyage I’ll put up pics
  • I tackled DPNs! double yay! I made my first mittens, I had forgotten how much fun mittens were, and how warm and comfy. Part of being a grown up was wearing gloves instead of mittens, but forget about it, mittens are the way to go. Mitten shots will be my next posting.
  • I bought new yarn! TFA goodness, and a beautiful ocean coloured laceweight Malabrigo for….. my first knitted shawl! I’ve crocheted shawls in the past but never knitted one, so exciting!
  • I finally spent a day knitting at the Purple Purl (see above re: yarn) – what a wonderful day. Friends, knitting, tea, cupcakes, and …. new yarn =o)

Yes, life has been fun =o)

I love turquoise!

I wanted to show off a purse that someone ordered from me recently – it’s crocheted in an open shell pattern holding one strand of worsted brown yarn with one strand of Tanis’ Blue Label Mallard. The handle is leather from Americo Original on Queen West. I added vintage buttons and crocheted flowers to finish off the look.

**Edit – I’ve been remiss! I initially found the pattern here: Sorry for not including that earlier ;)

The client also wanted earrings to go with it, something classy yet complimentary to the purse. After much sleuthing around I found a chain of polished agate, the colour is gorgeous and I think it’s a perfect match =o)

Pretty things =o)

Just some shots of recent work here, the first cosy mug has been finished and last night I made a cute little bracelet  with Tanis’ Blue Label Grape =o)

Hand-thrown, two-handed, post-skating, hot chocolate wooly teacup =o)

The crochet pattern is called ‘wave’ and the colourway is Stormy by Tanis Fiber Arts.

More Tanis goodness here – this cutie was made with leftover yarn from a skein of the colourway Grape.

Crochet Wheel : Ch 8, SS in first ch to make a loop

Round 1 – Ch 2 (counts as first DC) DC 19 more times into ring, SS to close (20 DC)

Round 2 – Ch 1 (counts as first SC) sc again in same space, sc twice in every DC around, SS to close (40 SC)

Bind off leaving enough tail that you can use it to attach the side beads.

Make a few of these loops, get some fun wooden beads and use the bind off tail to thread through a few times.

Find or make a cute clasp (in this case I’m using a bronze leaf, a few jump rings and the backside of a toggle clasp, run through both end loops to close the bracelet)

Voila! In less than an hour you have a gorgeous, unique, crochet bracelet.


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