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Le Pop! Florence

This is the last one in my short series of delicate little charm bracelets, and for my last one I’ve chosen the beautiful city of Florence. The Ponte Vecchio at blue hour, that perfect sky colour and the Arno river so still and reflective inspired me to create this last bracelet – with a deep blue Swarovski in antique copper, filigree charms and one beautiful piece of Italian Murano glass to set it off.

I’m tired, but very pleased with how this latest round of Inspira jewellery has worked out. Now to see how they do at Le Pop! this weekend!

Le Pop! The Paris bracelet

This one was a blast to make. As with the Venice bracelet it’s genuine Swarovski crystals and whimsical antique copper findings in a delicate, romantic little bracelet reminiscent of my time in beautiful Paris.

It was October when I went and the trees in the jardin des tuileries were in full autumn mode.

This show is this weekend, here’s the link for details!

Le Pop! – The Venice Bracelet

Be prepared this week to see a lot of jewellery – I’m in full prep mode for Le Pop! this weekend and thinking, breathing and dreaming out new designs for my selection. Each piece will be part of my Inspira series – jewellery inspired by my photography and travels. I try to convert the feeling, the colours, the textures, and even the materials where I can, into a piece of wearable art. This one is from my time in Venice:


Silver plated findings, genuine Swarovski crystal details, a large Swarovski rhinestone set in a silver plated bezel and filigree charms make up this whimsical little bracelet inspired by, and sold with, a print of a photo I took from the Rialto bridge in Venice of a gondola going by.


Check out the FB page for Le Pop! here for more info!

Inspira Jewellery – Lake Quidi Vidi, Newfoundland

In the tradition of my other Inspira pieces I’ve created a bracelet inspired by the Lake of Quidi Vidi in St. Johns, Newfoundland:

Lake Quidi Vidi

Tito and I shot the lake during the blue hour. It was a very serene spot. I love the deep blues and the reflections in the water.

Lake Quidi Vidi

The Quidi Vidi bracelet was created using chocolate Japanese delicas, sterling silver bead caps, ocean blue Swarovski crystals and quartz crystal stones.

Lake Quidi Vidi

Lake Quidi Vidi

Lake Quidi Vidi

Lake Quidi Vidi

Western Canada is breathtaking – but give me the East Coast any day, that is where my heart lives :)

DIY Swarovski Bracelet

I wanted to share a super easy technique for bead weaving that I used to create an adorable Swarovski crystal bracelet, at less than a tenth the price.

DIY Crystal bracelet

I needed 32 large frosted Swarovski beads, 16 clear ones and 32 small copper beads – you might need more depending on what size you want to make. Play around with different beads – this technique will work with almost anything!

Step 1 – thread a really long piece of beading string with 2 needles – one at each end. Pick up one bead in colour A, one colour B, another colour A and end with one more colour B.

DIY Crystal bracelet

Step 2 – Insert needle B back through the last bead added, so now both ends of your threads are coming out of one colour A bead, like so:

DIY Crystal bracelet

Step 3 – Pick up one colour B bead followed by a colour A bead on needle B . Pick up one colour B bead with needle A.

 DIY Crystal bracelet

Step 4 – Take needle A through the colour A bead.

DIY Bracelet

Repeat steps 3 and 4 until it’s the length you want:

DIY Bracelet

When it’s a good fit, pass both your needles through the base of your clasp and back through the end bead. You are now ready to add the side beads. Make sure they’re small enough to fit comfortably. I recommend doing both sides of the bracelet at the same time. You will pass the needles back though the last colour B bead, pick up one side bead with each needle and go through the next colour B bead, like so:

DIY beaded bracelet

Keep going this way until both sides are done:

DIY beaded bracelet

Tie off the end by passing through the end bead and the other end of your chosen clasp a few times. Weave your ends back through the bracelet after tying them off.

And voila! Your own beaded bracelet!

DIY beaded bracelet

DIY beaded bracelet

Enjoy :) And feel free to write to me with any questions.

Don’t forget about my contest folks – tell me your favourite craft for a chance to win a lovely resin necklace from the Blue Brick! Click here for details.




I come by it honestly.

My mom is far more creative than I am. Here are her latest bracelets ;)

Swarovski Crystal Jewellery

White Swarovski crystals paired with ivory Swarovski pearls. Silver findings, a silver dragon charm and filigree toggle clasp top off this incredibly blingy bracelet.

Swarovski Crystal Jewellery

Each charm (there are 95 of them in total) is double wound at the base to prevent any charms from falling out or catching on clothing. Took about 4 hours, but definitely worth it!

Swarovski Crystal Jewellery

She also created this beautiful pink piece over the winter and we’ve only gotten to photograph it now;

Swarovski Crystal Jewellery

Square cut 6 mm Swarovski crystals in Indian Pink paired with deep chocolate Swarovski pearls, on a chain of antique copper with filigree toggle clasp and antique copper charms.

Swarovski Crystal Jewellery

She’s got such a natural design sense – paired with her equally natural love of loud, sparkly jewellery she comes up with things I would have never thought of – way to go mom!

Pretty little things

Just a random smattering of what I’ve been up to lately – Enjoy!

Following on the fun I had with my swirly mugs I tried to take the same technique to this vase. One thing I’m realizing is that the shellac doesn’t form a complete barrier against the underglaze, but I kind of like it that way.

I love the colours – this was inspired by the white sand and blue green colours of the beaches in Maui – a place I have been wanting to return to so I could take up surfing.

Another random thing are these earrings I made on the weekend:

Mom and I saw these at the Swarovski store at the mall on the weekend and decided to make our own versions. I love them, and they’re a far cry from being $120 a pair ;o)

Genuine Swarovski orchids (I love how they look like trilliums) hanging from sterling silver chain.

The design was inspired by these but I humbly admit that I like my version better.

  • I’m not into hearts
  • These particular stones have a front and a back to them – which to me doesn’t make sense on a flashy, dangly earring. I’d rather know that the sparkle factor would be the same no matter which way it was hanging!

In other news my sweater is off the needles and blocking – I’ll try it on as soon as it’s dry, make the buttons this weekend and decide what I’m doing with the neckline (possibly a hoodie)

It’s going to be sunny and 8 degrees in Toronto this weekend, welcome April!


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