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A Pair of Shireens!

A few months ago I hinted to my friend Rayna that I love knitted socks, but never have time to make myself some. It hardly qualifies as hinting, I suppose, since I went on to hint that I loved them ankle-high, in variegated yarns, that I was a size 6 and that, therefore, one skein of koigu oughta do it.


Well, even with my egregious hinting Rayna found a way to take it a step further. Not only did I get birthday socks…


But I got Christmas socks.


And tucked behind the socks? A skein of yarn, and the pattern for… the Shireen! Yep, I have a sock pattern named after me, and I’m more delighted with that than any sane person would think is reasonable. You’ve got to head over and check it out, the pattern is easy, fast and free – Ravelry link here.


On top of that (it gets better!) Rayna taught me to magic loop socks, and walked me though my first sock (and then I walked through both pairs of socks, haha, no really. Ok, I’m lame. Wait, lame, get it?).


Magic loop has been a real treat – my poor wrists were done with dpns and this method makes all the difference. I even knitted my first pair of socks in over 6 months – a pair of Shireen’s, for Tito! (get your mind out of the gutter, they’re socks!).


He loves em. And I love having a man that wears crazy socks. What’s better than that? A girlfriend who loves you enough to knit you socks! Thanks Ray, they’re honestly one of the best gifts I’ve ever gotten :) Ravelry page for Tito’s socks here.

FO – Travel Knit Scarf


Vacation knitting is always a conundrum, right? You don’t want to be bored, you don’t want to lose all that precious knitting time, and you don’t want to run out of stuff to work on. Here’s my criteria:

  • Mindless (No charts, no lace, no pattern to carry about)
  • Portable (No multiple balls of yarn, no striping or colour work. Nothing huge)
  • Not Socks (This is just a personal thing. To avoid having someone in an airport confiscate my needles, I prefer to fly with wooden circulars, and I hate knitting socks on anything that isn’t metal)
  • Fast (I wanted to end my trip with a Thing, not another WIP)

In this case I decided to write my own quickie patten for a scarf. It’s been hella cold, and I had 2 skeins of unbelievably soft Alpaca from the Kickin’ Back Alpaca Ranch in their signature grey. I knew that yarn had to be a scarf for my dad.


Daddy is not a scarf kinda guy, so it had to be classy. I wanted just enough detail to keep it interesting and masculine and keep me from dying of boredom, while simple enough that I could knit it on airplanes and on a cruise ship and (since it wasn’t done when I came home), during the gold medal hockey games ;)



The ‘pattern’ hardly justifies the name since it’s so simple, but if you want to get the same results I got, see my instructions below.

A few notes on construction – the slipped stitch at the beginning of each row was to give the piece a nice attractive selvage. The ‘purl through the back loop’ instruction twists the stitch immediately following the cable to keep it nice and tight and eliminate that horrid ladder that occasionally can happen with cables. If this is not your thing you can ignore that bit; just give your yarn a little tug after the first purl and the results will be the same. There are 4 stitches of garter at each end to keep it from curling.


You will need:

  • 3.5 mm needles (I’m using wooden 16” circular needles per my point above)
  • 200g of sport weight yarn (approximately 400 yards)
  • Tapestry needle for weaving in ends
  • 4 stitch markers (Optional. The knitting will be very easy to read.)
  • Cable needle (Optional. I cabled without a needle for this project, here’s a great tutorial)

Gauge: It’s a scarf. Live a little.

Note: Work the ‘Slip 1’ instructions at the beginning of each row as follows:
Slip one as if to purl with yarn in front. Move the yarn to the back of the work and continue in pattern.

Cast on 62

Garter stitch edging:
Rows 1-4: Slip 1, knit to end

Begin Cable section:
Row 1 & 3 (RS) Slip 1, k3, pm, k30, pm, p3, k6, p3, pm k12, pm, k4
Row 2, 4 & 6 (WS) Slip 1, k3, sm, p12, sm, k3, p6, k3, sm p30, sm, k4
Row 5 (RS) Slip 1, k3, sm, k30, sm, p3, C6F, p1tbl, p2, sm k12, sm, k4

Work rows 1 – 6 until you only have a few yards left.

Repeat Garter stitch edging:
Rows 1-4: Slip 1, knit to end

Bind off loosely

To really get all that stockinette to lay nice and flat I soaked it (in Soak, of course) for about 20 minutes to really saturate the fiber and then used blocking wires (see photos) to open the piece up.


Finished dimensions: About 12 inches wide (may vary because of my lackadaisical attitude towards gauge in this case) by about 50 inches long.


  • k – Knit
  • p – Purl
  • p1tbl – Purl 1 through the back loop.
  • pm – Place Marker
  • sm – Slip Marker
  • Slip 1 – Slip one as if to purl with yarn in front. Move the yarn to the back of the work and continue in pattern
  • C6F: Cable 6 front: Slip 3 stitches to cable needle and hold in front, K3 and then K3 from cable needle


Super warm and just the right length to tucking into a winter jacket and covering up the chest – daddy loves it! And where practicality took off, guilt came in, which means that he actually wears it too!

It’s too cold to think.

My new pattern for a simple, quick, uber manly fingerless glove is almost done – and I was just trying to get some FO shots of the first pair.


But cold has addled the brains here at the office and we ended up doing this instead.

DSCF1951 DSCF1947 DSCF1946

The Bum Cosy!

Bum Cosy ©Shireen Nadir 2013

My New Years was spent taking FO shots of my new pattern – perfect for skating, more serviceable than you’d believe, adorable as all get out… my new pattern is the Bum Cosy. And yes, these are the most photos of my bum that you can ever expect to have to endure on this blog ;)

Bum Cosy ©Shireen Nadir 2013

I’m pretty proud of this one. The knitting is mindless enough that it makes a perfect car, TV or socializing project. The cables keep things from getting too dull. I knit mine in 3 days just by carrying it everywhere I went!

Bum Cosy ©Shireen Nadir 2013

The Bum Cosy is just what it sounds like; a cute and sexy little hip hugger that’s meant to be worn over jeggings or tights to keep your bum warm and stylish in this chilly weather. The Bum Cosy has simple, stretchy cabled ribs to give it form while keeping the elasticity. It’s accented by 2 chain link cables that run fetchingly down the side of the hips. If you fancy a skirt length, instructions are given for making it longer. The waistband is reinforced with a crochet chain or knited i-cord that you will weave through the ribbing to tighten the piece as needed. A straightforward, seamless, top-down knit, it’s easy enough for those starting out, and mindless enough for seasoned pros to whip off in a few days.

Bum Cosy ©Shireen Nadir 2013

Because it’s built to allow for a lot of stretch, it’s knitted with 2 inches of negative ease and instructions are given on how to choose the right size. Hip sizes for 28”, 30”, 32”, 34”, 36”, 38”, 40”, 42” and 44” have been provided. Each one has been designed as a separate chart, so there is no need to keep track of which size you’re knitting. Just pick the chart that’s right for you and knit on!

The pattern uses 400-600 yards of worsted weight yarn, and the sample was knit in Sweet Georgia Superwash Worsted, in the colour ‘Cayenne’.

Ravelry link here:

Etsy link here:

Craftsy link here:

The Johnathan Hat

This hat was designed for my friend Johnathan to be a man-hat that’s actually fun to knit :) Enough cable to be interesting, while still being sufficiently manly for my Scotch-Irish friend who loves Celtic cable-work.

Johnathan Hat © Shireen Nadir 2013

This close fitting cabled touque features a celtic cable up one side, framed by tapering columns of ribbing that blend into the brim of the hat. It’s a quick, easy knit, suitable for beginner cable knitters. The decreases are arranged to lie symmetrically around the cable panel for a balanced look.

Johnathan Hat © Shireen Nadir 2013

The cable pattern, tapered sections and decreases have been charted as well as written and the hat requires 160-180 yards of DK weight yarn. The hat in the photos was knitted using Tanis Fiber Arts Yellow Label DK in the relatively new colourway ‘Spruce’. Tito gravitated to it at once when he saw it – I wonder if that colour was one of Chris’s creations? Definitely man-approved, but still luscious to knit with. Win.

Johnathan Hat © Shireen Nadir 2013

I’ve also worked one up in Zen Garden Serenity DK, in the ‘moss’ colourway. It’s a great alternative if you’re looking for a solid piece.


I’ve provided instructions for medium and large. Medium fits a head circumference of 19”-21”, and large fits a head circumference of 20”-22”, but the hat is very stretchy and will fit a variety of folks :)

Ravelry Pattern Page here:

Etsy Page here:

Craftsy Page here:

Los Guantes De Claudia

Los Guantes De Claudia ©Shireen Nadir 2012

My latest glove design, ‘Los Guantes De Claudia’ are finally complete!

Los Guantes De Claudia ©Shireen Nadir 2012

These gloves were my first ever collaboration project. The lovely Claudia from Eweknit here in Toronto gave me a skein of Zen Yarn Garden Serenity DK, literally on a whim, the very first time I met her. We really hit it off! It was so random, and I was so excited to actually be commissioned to design something.

Los Guantes De Claudia ©Shireen Nadir 2012

These lovely gloves look deceptively complex but are actually really easy and fast (like, fast enough for Christmas) to work up once you get into the rhythm of them. A stag horn cable emerges gracefully from the ribbing at the forearm and dissolves back in at the end with a little extra cable motif to complete it.

Los Guantes De Claudia ©Shireen Nadir 2012

Best of all these instructions are for working the gloves on 2 needles – you’ll be using mattress stitch at the end to create a completely seamless result. Knitters who wish to work in the round can proceed with their weapon of choice ;)

These gloves use up less than 200 yards of DK weight yarn, and are worked on 3.5 mm needles. They are easy enough for beginners and would make a great quick knit for seasoned knitters.

Instructions are given for small and medium, but the gloves themselves have lots of stretch once completed.

You can obtain the pattern at your store of choice :)

Ravelry link here

Etsy link here.

Craftsy link here.

For those who hate wrestling the porcupine…

I’ve abandoned the blog! I feel awful, I allowed blog death to occur. Shame on me. I’ve been up to my armpits in stuff lately, most important and all-consumingly the final, full and official wedding of my dear friends Kris and Kev. I’ve even got a speech to write. It’s coming out in much the way I imagine a breach birth comes out. But I digress.

Claudia ©Shireen Nadir 2012

The creative muscles are in over drive, just not the ‘photograph-it-and-blog-about-it’ muscles, but I’m happy to say that this dearth of posts should be over for a bit because I’ve finally got ’round to shooting the jewellery, yarn and FO’s. One project I’m pretty proud of is my latest design, “Los Guantes De Claudia”.

Claudia ©Shireen Nadir 2012

This was my first ‘commissioned’ design – my friend Claudia, owner at Eweknit here in Toronto wanted me to design a pattern using Zen Yarn Garden Serenity DK. I really enjoyed working with this stuff – the yarn is beautiful and the stitch definition really lent itself to the cabled design.

Claudia ©Shireen Nadir 2012

Best of all, these gloves work up on 2 needles. Yep, 2 ordinary, straight needles. You can use dpns if you want to make me look bad, but for those of us who don’t enjoy the wrestling exercise that is dpns, these are the gloves for you. They have thumb gussets and everything.

Claudia ©Shireen Nadir 2012

The cables emerge gracefully from the ribbing and converge gracefully back in at the fingers, with a little motif to polish them off. The cables are deceptively simple. The pattern is being test knit right now, look for the release in a few weeks!


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