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February Club – Forty Shades of Green


The February club colour is finally ready, and it goes on sale at our Etsy site starting Friday morning January 29th :)


Based on a photo I took in Ireland, ‘Forty Shades of Green’ (so named for a song Johnny Cash wrote after he traveled through Ireland) is a rich, tonal green with fabulous stitch definition on our Escarpment DK yarn.


The pattern is a one-skein cowl that is knitted sideways and then seamed. Rich celtic cables run sideways along the cowl, framed by a smaller cable below and a moss stitch background.


Don’t be intimidated by those cables; they are less complicated than they look, and the rest of the cowl is just moss stitch. I provide written directions as well as charts, and there will be video tutorials on my blog to help with any of the trickier bits (the video section is a goal I had for 2016, so this will be the first!).


The result is a cute little bandana cowl that sits up nice and high on the neck, but can be pulled close for warmth, with beautiful details. Made from less than 256 yards of DK weight it’s also a relatively quick knit. You’ll be done in time for St. Patricks day!


Just a quick recap on how the Blue Brick’s yarn club works:

  • Pattern and yarn are listed together on our Etsy site.
  • You will have 3 days to purchase as many skeins as you like, from just one kit, to a sweaters worth.
  • After those three days are up, I will dye all the yarn to order, and ship out kits within 2 weeks.
  • Kits will contain the yarn, the photo on a 5×7 metallic print and a printed copy of the pattern.
  • The pattern is exclusive to the club for one month, after which is is released to Ravelry
  • Once a club colourway is done, it will no longer be available.

I love the flexibility this gives everyone, you can opt in or out each month depending on how much you like the yarn, and I can design patterns with new bases, multiple skeins, or even get a guest designer to take part.

See you on January 29th!


Starry Night – December/January Club

Starry Night, colourway & pattern will be released to my Etsy store this Friday! The opportunity to purchase will last three days; until Sunday night, which should make for a nice, relaxed shopping experience :)

Psst! There are still 2 days left to enter my contest to win 2 skeins of gorgeous DK weight yarn in the same colour! Check it out here.


‘Starry Night’ is a generously sized triangular shawl at 56″ x 26″ that is beautifully mindless to knit, but also beautifully textural and interesting. There are literally 2 rows to remember for the body, and 2 rows to remember for the lace. The pattern is structured such that you can begin the openwork at any time, and switch back to the ribbed texture at any time, so the pattern is very easy to customize to different yarns and different tastes.


The yarn is a 420 yard skein of fingering weight in a luxurious merino/cashmere/stellina blend. The soft sparkles and the rich colour are inspired by starry nights in the winter, when Tito and I drive up north just to do night photography, perchance to catch the northern lights while we’re at it. This kit will cost $37 CDN plus shipping ($32 for the yarn, $5 for the pattern). If you choose to purchase additional skeins, they will be $32 CDN each.


Why December/January you may ask? We are on vacation for 2 weeks in the middle of January, and I didn’t want to delay the club, so I had to give myself extra time to fulfil the club orders. After January it will be once a month, starting in February.


A quick reminder of how the club works;

In the first week of every month, I will release a colourway, and accompanying pattern. Could be a single-skein pattern, could be multi-skein, and could be any of our regular bases, or even a special new base. The kit will always come with one copy of the photo, a printed copy of the pattern, and enough yarn to complete the pattern (so the price will be different each time).


For 3 days, on Etsy, you will be able to buy the kit, along with as many extra skeins as you like. After that I will close the Etsy listing and start dyeing to order – with the goal of getting it all dyed and shipped within 2 weeks, so I can focus on the following months feature. In addition to this we will, of course, have at least one Etsy update a month featuring new colourways for sale.


There is no membership to sign up for; every month you make the call on whether you want to opt in for that colourway/pattern combo! Love the yarn enough to want a sweaters amount? You’ll be able to order that too.


The pattern and colourway will be exclusive to that months kit, but after the month is done I’ll make the pattern itself available on Ravelry, for anyone who just wants to purchase the pattern itself.


I think the model will work. It allows each customer to decide whether they like the color each time, and to order more yarn if they want. There will be no cart-jacking on Etsy because the kit is available for 3 days. This is the first in hopefully a long line of lovely kits, and I really hope you enjoy it :)



Fall with SweetGeorgia Vol 1

Big news at the Blue Brick! The Fall with SweetGeorgia Vol 1 Collection is out, and I’m one of the designers =D I’m super honoured, and excited to be a part of this, with my new design the ‘Siesta’ cowl. Check out the lookbook here, and the entire collection on Ravelry here.

© SweetGeorgia Yarns / Josh Yong, 2015. Fall with SweetGeorgia Vol 1.

© SweetGeorgia Yarns / Josh Yong, 2015. Fall with SweetGeorgia Vol 1.

Siesta began as a series of sketches, based on my love of bandana style cowls. I’m always looking to cover that gap that traditional cowls leave, just where the jacket closes. Also, not being particularly long of neck myself, I love the idea of a cowl that leaves bulk and warmth only where I need it, and has a slim line otherwise.


I played with a textural stitch that I really loved, and added a slipped stitch edging that resembles an i-cord when done, while keeping the edge from rolling.


And the pattern is finally live! The other patterns in the collection are _stunning_ and I am so thrilled to be part of this! Thank you to the folks at Sweet Georgia, and I’m already casting on one of the other gorgeous patterns tonight :)

© SweetGeorgia Yarns / Josh Yong, 2015. Fall with SweetGeorgia Vol 1.

© SweetGeorgia Yarns / Josh Yong, 2015. Fall with SweetGeorgia Vol 1.

Sneak Peek of New Pattern – The Leslie Top

<><><><><><><><><> Showtime this weekend! <><><><><><><><><>

We’d love to meet you! The Blue Brick will have a booth at ‘Art in the Vineyard’, a free event being held by
Frogpond Farm Organic Winery this coming Saturday and Sunday. 

Frogpond Farm is located at 1385 Larkin Rd. L0s 1J0, Niagara-on-the-Lake, and the show will be one from 11am to 5pm both days. If you’re free this weekend and you live in Southern Ontario, take a drive out to drink some fabulous wine, enjoy the country
and, of course, see us and a host of other amazing artists.

We’ll have all kinds of goodies, including jewelry, accessories, shawl pins, sterling silver pieces
and printed copies of Resin Jewelry, 2nd Edition for sale!

<><><><><><><><><> Update on Me vs. Elastoform <><><><><><><><><>

There is no update, sadly. They continue to use my photography and ignore my emails. I am continuing to email them and share my story, along with the other artists. They have an Etsy site, and I found a Facebook page, so I will be contacting them through that avenue as well. Fingers crossed!


I’ve really had the design bug lately, and my latest is finally starting to take form! As soon as I saw Tanis Fiber Arts’ new colours, Graphite and Saffron, I knew they had to appear together in a garment, and so the ‘Leslie’ top was born.


These are only sneak peeks right now because the design is not ready yet. I need to rip back the front to where my neckline shaping begins because it’s slightly off-centre and I’ve had to tweak my charts. On the whole though, once it’s ready I believe it will be a very fast, comfortable knit with no complicated shaping or techniques.


Stockinette in the round rocks. Is there anything so fast and mindless? I loved working the middle of this shirt, as silly as it sounds.


Can’t wait to finish this up and get shooting. On a slightly unrelated note, I have finally acquired a mannequin and I’m dying to take pictures of her :)


New FO – I’d Rather Go Dancing!

First off, thank you to everyone who visited our new online store and helped make opening day a success, we couldn’t have been happier. I promise more shawl pins are on the way, and hoping to do an update on Sunday evening :) As you can see, we’ve been quite busy.


Today is a knitting-focused day though, and I wanted to show off the latest sample I’ve knit for ‘I’d Rather Be Cruising’ worked up in Cosmic Blue Label Iris, and Chris Grey, earning it the nickname ‘I’d Rather go Dancing!’.


Iris in Cosmic Blue Label is the prettiest yarn I’ve ever seen. Full confession here, I always thought I’d hate sparkly yarns. I’m not a sparkly person, and they always looked so scratchy. Now I’m a believer, this yarn is as soft as you’d expect merino to be, and the sparkles (I’m sure of it) have magical properties that make knitting go faster.


This shawl blocked out to a gorgeous 78″x26″. The knit was quick, owing not only to sparkles, but to the completely mindless quality of the pattern (2 rows for the body, 2 rows for the lace. Perfect Game of Thrones knitting!).


Definitely not shawlette-sized, it covers my entire back nicely. It’s just waiting for the right weather, a sunny patio, and a nice sundress.


Ravelry project page here:
And you can purchase the pattern on Ravelry here, or on my new e-shop here!


I’d Rather Be Cruising!


Sometimes a pattern takes an unexpected turn on you. After ‘Sandy’, which was beautiful but complex, I really needed a turn-your-brain-off knit. I was also feeling super inspired by a skein of Cosmic Blue Label that Tanis had sent me for her colour shifting scarf. It looked so fun and glittery to knit with, and a design started to grow in my head.


A generous sized shawl, with a straightforward stockinette body made speedy by aggressive increasing and sparkly yarn, accented by lace I could do in my sleep. Something that made use of colour, but was equally lovely in a 1-skein, 1-colour option. Something to take on vacation, and thus “I’d Rather Be Cruising” was born!

Price: $5.00, If you’d like to go cruising through a shawl, choose an option :)
Ravelry  |  Etsy  |  Craftsy


Here’s the official blurb:

Sometimes you need a relaxing knit. A TV knit, a vacation knit, an I-don’t-feel-like-thinking-too-much knit.

“I’d Rather Be Cruising” is just that; there are 2 rows to remember for the body, and 2 rows to remember for the lace. The pattern is provided in both written and charted form, and is a great pattern for novice knitters. To keep it easy, I give tips on how best to use your stitch markers, how to block it, and row by row stitch counts for the main body to help you keep track of your place. The sparkly Cosmic Blue Label is delicious to knit with (and I firmly believe that sparkles make knitting go faster!).

Screen Shot 2015-03-29 at 11.44.35 AM

Directions are given for both a 1, and a 2-skein version. The large needles result in great sized shawls, no matter which version you knit. You’ll cruise right through it!


My lovely assistant designer conceded to model both shawls for me, and I’ve got to say, even though it’s one of my simplest patterns ever, I’m super proud of it. It’s relaxing, gratifying and beautiful. Just what I needed. And the big shawl? It’s really big. 5’2″ knitter for scale =D


Sneak Peek number 2 :)

Looks like “I’d Rather be Cruising” will be ready for release Tuesday morning :) What’s better than the easiest shawl ever? A shawl that comes in both 1 and 2-skein versions. Like choose your own adventure books, except prettier.Screen Shot 2015-03-29 at 11.44.35 AM


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