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All the leaves are gone…

Well, not quite. There are still leaves up there but I’d say the sweet spot for leaf preservation has passed.

Leaf jewellery ©Shireen Nadir 2012

And that’s the ‘why’ of the matter for me – Autumn is beautiful and magical because it passes. The trees give us a treat for a few weeks and then it’s over. More than spring, more than summer, there is a nowness to autumn – you’ve got to enjoy every beautiful, colourful jewel of a day because, well because winter is on it’s way.

Leaf jewellery ©Shireen Nadir 2012

This is why, of all the things I’ve preserved in resin, autumn leaves are the most precious to me. I have taken something transitional by nature and preserved a piece of it. No matter how many times I do it, it always feels a little bit like magic, especially when my stash of leaves begins the inevitable – turning into dust.

Leaf jewellery ©Shireen Nadir 2012

Another reason I love these pieces is that they’re pieces of home. They’re Canadian maple leaves, collected here in Ontario. The fact that we have 4 seasons is one of the things that makes life up here so beautiful and inspiring and I love being able to create something not only inspired by, but made of, seasonal change.

Enough babbling :) I’m in a romantic mood this morning, maybe because tomorrow is the big wedding day for Kris and Kev! We all got our mendhi (henna) handwork done last night, and we’re all excited for tomorrow!

Leaf jewellery ©Shireen Nadir 2012

There will likely be only one more round of jewellery coming after this one, and then I’ll retire the resin until tulip season in the spring. Check out my Etsy shop to see what’s available :)

Taking it to another level

So I’ve been really addicted to resin lately – but definitely ready to move away from the leaves (good thing too, we had our first snowfall today!). The last 2 days I’ve been experimenting with putting drawings into resin and I came up with some very fun things.

Resin jewellery

This one is for me, but I’ll be making more for sale soon because I love it :) The reason I can’t sell them yet is because they don’t *quite* work for me, the design needs to be refined and I have a few ideas on how to do it.

Resin jewellery

Here’s another take on the same idea but using washi instead of drawings. I love the result! As soon as I solve  a few logistical issues these will hit my shop.

Resin jewellery

The last of the leaf jewellery went up today as well, including this overlong copper necklace, sized to hang low on the chest, perfect for sweater season!

I also included a few festive items, also on overlong chains, like this copper ‘hope’ pendant.

Resin jewellery

Tito has weighed in as well by drawing cute elements for me to use in the work – I think this would be cute as an embellishment on a notebook or leather cuff, but it’s adorable on a chain as well.

Resin jewellery

Check out the Etsy shop for these and more updates!

Japanese paper necklaces

Autumn is over and I’ve had to move on from my beloved leaf jewellery. Looking around for inspiration I gravitated towards the washi that I collect for origami and for the backdrops of my photos. The actual paper textures were so beautiful that I wanted to showcase them in a piece of simple, fun, festive jewellery.

Resin Jewellery

I really love the 3D layered effect that I get with my compositions, so I pour my resin in stages. First I use contact paper to seal the back of my ring – making it into a bezel. I put my head pin in first – to create a hanging loop and also to seal the hole so resin doesn’t leak out of it. Then I do my first stage pour.

First I pour a thin layer into the bottom of the bezel. I use a popsicle stick to push it to the edges of the bezel and form an even seal.

After I’ve put my first layer down I start creating my composition. The first piece of paper that I put down faces out to the back – this is the backing that will be visible when I peel off the contact paper later. If the contact paper leaves any residue behind I use ‘goo gone’ to clean it off – it doesn’t affect the resin, but you’ve got to make sure it’s completely cured before trying this.

Alternating pours of resin and layers of paper allows me to get that 3d look. When I’m done I pour a final layer and put a cover over it to cure. If I don’t cover it then even a tiny dust mote landing on the surface can ruin a piece!

resin jewellery

And Voila!

Resin Jewellery

Resin Jewellery

Resin Jewellery

I hope folks enjoy these cute little stocking stuffers :)

Making myself jewellery – third time’s the charm!

I’ve not had a lot of luck with this ‘making something for myself’ business’. The first bracelet I spent loads on, and it got lost on the subway. The second bracelet was just as lovely if not quite as pricey and I managed to lose one of the earrings. This time I’ve learned; not only did I go for an even sturdier construction (light gauge steel cable, doubled throughout the piece) but my mom paid for all the supplies, thus removing the guilt factor from making myself a third (and hopefully not doomed) item.

Aquamarine necklace

Mom bought me two ropes of my favourite semi-precious stone; Aquamarine. (I know, it’s a shocker. I mean, I hardly ever wear turquoise…) I decided to make the clasp the main event – so two little bejewelled arms come together over over a ring to close the piece. Strung through the ring is a fine silver chain with silver filigree cones at each end, and each cone has another bead of aquamarine nestled within.

Aquamarine necklace

I like the way the weight of the charms pulls the necklace down in the middle.

Aquamarine necklace

Aquamarine earringsThe earrings are similarly dangly.

The bracelet is doubled steel cable as well, with double crimps on the end. I could get into a super huge, multiple opponent, fight to the death match on the ttc, during rush hour, and still karatefy every last son-of-a-motherless-goat, while engaged in a Mexican knife fight… and this bracelet would survive. I’m sure of it.

Aquamarine necklace

Aquamarine Bracelet

I think it’s a little on the dressy side for me to be able to pull it off daily, but it’s definitely work-worthy. Hopefully this one lasts!

Inspira – Kiluea Necklace


Today I wanted to share pics of the birthday gift I made for my friend Kris – For my birthday gift this year, and also to celebrate 20 years of friendship we went to Hawaii, and thanks to her being willing to drive out (at 3 in the morning, in bad weather, on a G2 license ;o)) we got to see Mt Kiluea, in all her glory, before the break of dawn.

inspira lava

I have to tell this story: the boat ride was very very rough. There was a small craft advisory and 20 foot waves and we left the harbour at 3 am. The boat would ride up a crest and, quite literally, freefall into the trough with a sickening thud. It was pitch black and we couldn’t even see to be frightened of the waves. We were on this heart thumping ride, hanging on for dear life for about 45 minutes before I could make out little glowing red rivers in the cliff-face. By this time I was chock full of adrenaline and my legs were shaking uncontrollably from the ride but we were fascinated nonetheless with whatever detail we could make out.


When the boat finally approached it’s destination we saw it. 12 000 metric tons of flowing lava. Over a quarter mile of it, gushing from the cliff face. We both cried, we couldn’t help it. We were looking at the mechanism by which the earth is reforming herself. We were looking at a process against which we were specks of dust lost in immensity. I remember shooting for all I was worth, ripping film, hanging on to the boat with every available limb except my shooting hand, trying to protect the camera from the salt water, feeling the hot steam of the ocean when it hit the lava.


The boat would ride a wave, and I would be able to shoot, then the wave would move on, the boat would crash into the trough, the wave would hit the cliff letting off a huge head of steam and I would have to wait for another wave to lift us to be able to shoot again. Changing lenses on the fly, changing cards, focusing by hand in otherwise complete darkness, on a violently moving surface. The most adverse conditions I have ever shot in, I’m amazed anything at all came out.


What Kris and I experienced together that day was epic. I make this little necklace to commemorate it. I know Kris is not big on ‘bling’ so a delicate little cluster, on black hematite chain, containing real tumbled lava from Kiluea herself, along with Hawaiian sea coral, and Swarovski fire opals was the way to go. I gave it to her for her birthday yesterday and it looks lovely on her =o)

inspira - kiluea

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