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Look! I made myself a Bracelet! Take 2…

Gone forever…

Dragonfly Bracelet

The dragonfly bracelet is lost =o( not 2 days after I finally made matching earrings, I decided to wear it out of the house for the first time.

I hate the TTC

Witness, the absolute madness that is trying to board a train on the Yonge line during rush hour. I hate the TTC! I can’t wait til I buy my condo and am back downtown again where I can walk everywhere =o)

Dragonfly bracelet

To return to my sordid tale: while on that horrid, sweaty, crushing, stampede to get on a train my lovely bracelet was torn from my wrist and lost forever. I discovered it missing when I got to work. I was pretty upset, to be honest, it didn’t seem fair. If I had bought it I wouldn’t care, but because I made it, it felt like someone had broken a piece of my pottery.

So…I mourned it’s loss, and have made another bracelet for me, much less expensive, less delicate and therefore less worrisome.

Swarovski and filigree bracelet

Here it is – very pretty, and quick and easy to make. Caribbean blue cubic swarovski beads with antique bronze filigree findings. Done. Simple. Ok, so I used a toggle clasp, but the whole thing just feels more secure than the gorgeous-but-tricky oversized dragonfly clasp of yore.

In a way, it’s just as much ‘me’ as the other one – I love filigree and I love the colour turquoise and I love antique bronze. I also don’t tend to be big on bling. That having been said, I’ll certainly be re-making a new ‘expensive’ bracelet for myself to wear on dressier occasions (with a better clasp this time!)

Cute little lantern earrings finish it off. The earrings I made for the previous bracelet are still with me, and I still love wearing them just by themselves.

Hey, speaking of how much I love turquoise, I treated myself to a gorgeous skein of TFA Blue label yarn in Mallard for my first shawl in the Travelling Woman pattern! Pics to come soon, I’ve finished the set-up rows and am ready to start the lace, this shawl moves along very quickly. Once my first shawl is out of the way I think I might finally treat myself to a skein of TFA’s Mulberry silk yarn for the next one.

it may not be the original, but it’s an adorable bracelet in it’s own right and I’m enjoying wearing it =o)

Silver and Aurora Swarovski Bracelet

This weekend mom made a very cute bracelet, with super glittery large Aurora Swarovski beads.

Aurora Bracelet

She chose to offset the beads with large silver balls, they worked perfectly with the sterling silver rope-textured toggle clasp she chose:

Aurora Bracelet

Large, single drop earrings on silver chain complete the set:

Aurora Bracelet

Aurora Bracelet

The piece has incredible glitter-factor ;o)

There is so much going on that I can’t wait to write about, but all I can think of is that my kitty is sick =o( We’re going to the vet today to see what’s up with him. Until I know more I can’t bring myself to really blog much, but I just had to share this adorable bracelet.


Inspira – the Iceberg Twins


Today I wanted to share a pair of bracelets I just completed for a friend. The request was for two matching charm bracelets in my ‘Iceberg” theme – to be given to a pair of ladies as Christmas gifts. Though the girls are not sisters, these two bracelets are; they were created in tandem and I hope the girls love them =o)

Inspira Iceberg

These pieces include several shades of swarovski; turquoise, ocean blue and light teal, along with frosted white and clear white. Also in the mix are silver plated findings and spacer beads. The smaller green stones are polished agate and the larger ones are aquamarine – definitely my favourite detail. Each bracelet contains 72 charms.

Inspira Iceberg

Inspira Iceberg

These are the matching earring sets, I tied them to a couple of my business cards.

inspira iceberg

Inspira – The Emerald Hummingbird

Inspira beadwork bracelet

So the show is only 10 days away – I can’t believe it. I’m still in production, though definitely approaching the end. Today I wanted to share the latest woven bracelet, this one is in delicate greens, yellows and earthy colours, inspired by a beautiful Emerald Hummingbird I photographed in Costa Rica.


I was so proud of this photo, I had to wait a while for her to come back and feed her baby. I think her nest is a thing of beauty alone, all woven and leafy, and the entire thing was smaller than my fist! She herself was stunning, her nest was in a little shaded spot, but in the sunlight she was an absolute jewel.


This bracelet is woven using leaf green and earth brown swarovski crystal, with pearlescent Japanese delicas. It’s finished with sterling silver cones and a lobster claw clasp. I added a green pendant of cubic zirconia, and scoured downtown Toronto for the finishing touch – a sterling silver hummingbird charm.


Here is another emerald hummingbird shot from that same trip – this time on the wing. I shot this with Canon’s 50 mm prime f1.4 lens, wide open, in bright sunlight, at a shutter speed of 1/8000 sec for those interested ;o)

Inspira beadwork bracelet

The colours in this one are quite lovely – and the piece really shines in the sun. It makes a lovely addition to the show!

Inspira – Venice


Today I wanted to show off the new Inspira series bracelet for the city of Venice. The first one of these beautiful pieces was sold to a dear friend, but I loved it so much I had to make another one for the show!


Venice Bracelet

This delicate bracelet is hand woven, one bead at a time, using blue and midnight blue swarovski crystals and Japanese glass delicas. It’s finished with sterling silver filigree cones, a lobster claw clasp and a short length of chain with a single cubic zirconia hanging off the end. In the sunlight the sparkle factor is spectacular!


Venice is the most beautiful city I’ve ever shot. The architecture, the canals, the way you could get lost wandering down quiet, empty little streets for hours… beautiful small bridges and hidden gems abound in this wonderful city, made all the more poignant by the fact that Venice appears to be sinking. How heartbreaking, to think that we might lose this breathtaking jewel of a city.

Venice Bracelet


Venice Bracelet

This is a close up of the weave.

Venice Bracelet

This piece, along with an 11 x 14 copy of the gondola shot will be available at my show – in just over two weeks!

Inspira – The Leslie Street Spit

The Leslie Street Spit in Toronto is one of my favourite places – it was originally the dumping ground for the construction refuse during a period of rapid growth in the 60’s. The land created was colonized over time by over 400 species of plant life and is now a protected area that serves as a migratory stopover for many species of birds. Because it originated as a construction dumping ground it’s got a lot of personality – one beach is entirely covered in broken pillars from old buildings, another is a graveyard for dead telephone poles, yet another is a jungle of rebar. It’s a wonderful place for photography, and last winter we snuck on (the public park was closed at the time) looking for photos, and what an amazing day it turned out to be!

The entire east shore of the spit was covered in ice, everything from the construction rebar to to the trees was coated in a beautiful sheath of ice. I wanted so much to create a piece of jewellery from this unexpected gift – and so was born my latest piece.

This necklace is made from clear and frosted quartz crystal, white, champagne and aqua swarovski crystal beads and a sterling silver toggle clasp.

Running through the necklace and woven in between the beads are two ropes – one of tiny quartz crystal and sterling silver beads, and one of tan coloured pure silk rope – meant to be evocative of the delicate branches under the ice.

This photo  (which, incidentally will have a permanent home in Toronto’s PATH system soon!) shows the degree to which everything was iced over. It looks like the stones have cake icing on them =o)

The back of the necklace is finished with a short length of silver chain and a swarovski crystal charm.

Two more pebbles of clear quartz and silver cones lend themselves to earrings.

Photos updated as promised – the piece really shines in the sunlight =o)

Inspira – Plaça Reial, Barcelona

My latest Inspira bracelet is entitled “Plaça Reial” – after a famous plaza in the Barri Gòtic of Bacelona. I shot the plaza last fall. The bracelet is a different style than the others, to try and evoke more of the gothic/artsy vibe so intense in Barcelona – neither the chaotic charm bracelet nor the delicate spiral weaves seemed to fit.

The bracelet is done in antique brass, with 6 strands coming out of a filigree cone. The materials include 5mm black agate, 7mm fire agate, blue swarovski crystal (perfect blue no less, I was so thrilled when I found that colour) brass, wooden beads and Japanese delicas. It’s finished with an antique brass finished toggle clasp.


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