Off the needles!

Proper FO shots, (and the pattern!) for Sandy are coming shorty, but I had to show off the final, blocked piece. It blocked out to a delightful 62″ x 12.5″ with about 5g (<23 yards) of yarn left over. I can’t wait to get it off the blocking wires for a shoot!

IMG_8900 IMG_8904

Sick and Dyeing

Sorry for the radio silence, I have been hit with a crazy bad flu – sickest I’ve been in years.

I think I’m finally on the mend though, but alas there is very little to show for the time I was sick except for one dyeing experiment and the progress I’ve made on the lace shawl (which I am now naming ‘Sandy’ after my mom, because this is totally moms colour and mom loves shiny, feminine things).

I present the skein of ‘That looks just like all your other sh$@t':

IMG_8645 IMG_8646 IMG_8649

And the progress on ‘Sandy’ which passed the halfway mark of the skein at 28 inches by 12.5 (blocked) so I’m proceeding with more confidence knowing that the final blocked size of the scarf will be a respectable 56×12.5 inches. I’m hoping to cruise to the end of the sample knit in the next 2 weeks, after which I can get the wrap size version on my needles!

IMG_8652 IMG_8654


Lace Shawl Design


I’ve been working on a new design for a few weeks now, and I think I’ve finally nailed it. Designing is a long process, with countless test knits, chart updates, and fiber tests, but it’s also very gratifying when you finally get there. This is my latest piece, designed to be knit both as a shawl and a generous wrap.


The yellow and blue ones are prototypes, but I wasn’t happy with the side panels (see how it’s kinda ragged at the bottom corners of the yellow one?) and the blue one has a different border entirely that just wasn’t working out for me. The blue one also has the drawback of coming from a 420 yard skein, and a little math told me it would not yield a shawl that was long enough for me.


This pink one is Tanis Fiber Arts, Silver Lable Mulberry Silk in a colour called ‘Papaya’. I am normally a blue-green person all the way, but this is the colour of the hour for me. The silver label base is luxurious, and happily, it comes in a 500 yard skein. It’s hot, and tropical, saturated and shiny, and you can imagine how welcome that is when the view outside at the moment looks like this:


I’m working away on the sample knit, and dreaming of summer while I’m at it :) More details as soon as it’s done!

Psst, my Etsy sale is still on, head on over to check out my floral resin jewellery!


New Design Sneak Peek!

If you follow me on Instagram you might have seen a few photos of a lace swatch I’ve been working on:


This is the test knit for my as-yet-unnamed new pattern – a light and lacy oversized shawl, perfect knitting for someone who’s dreaming of summer. The shawl will take up one generously sized skein of Tanis Fiber Arts Pink Label (and if you follow the link you’ll get a sneak preview of the colour I plan to work up the sample in!). It will make perfect winter knitting for me, and come summer it will be the perfect protect-your-shoulders, stuff-in-your-purse, light-as-air wrap. I’m stoked!

Olive Sencilla


Sencilla Cowl Knitting Pattern
Purchase on Ravelry  |  Purchase on Etsy

Today I wanted to show off some photos of my Sencilla pattern worked up in Tanis Fibre Arts ‘Olive’, to show how the pattern works when paired with a more variegated yarn.

Olive is a complex, layered colour way, and it shows beautifully on the luxurious Amber Label (a merino, cashmere, silk blend, be still my beating heart).


The yarn is unbelievably soft and cosy, while still lending great stitch definition to the cowl, helping all those little details to pop while still showing off the super colourful yarn.


The cowl is coming in handy this winter – it’s a balmy -18 today with the windchill! I love how the cowl creates warmth without bulk and covers that awkward gap where my jacket doesn’t quite cut it!


All Free Knitting

I’m officially a designer on!
I love designing knitwear patterns–every step of it. I love figuring out a unique, attractive design, puzzling out the construction of it, and even the endless test knits. It’s so gratifying to see projects that others have made with your patterns and I am always happy and humbled that someone dedicated time, effort, and yarn to one of my ideas. I’m looking forward to being able to bring patterns to even more knitters now, thanks Allfreeknitting!

You can see my designer page here! Check out some of my free knitting patterns below :)


Simple Slouch – FREE
This one works up very fast, without too much shaping, and is ideal for beginner knitters. The simple knit-purl design is patterned on every row, but the results are super pretty and textured. The yarn has quite a bit of drape for super slouch, and the hat is a forgiving fit. The medium sized hat should fit most adults.

Yarn: 200 yards of worsted weight yarn. (I’m using KnitPicks Comfy Worsted, Colour ‘whisker’)
Size: One size fits most

Blogged here  |  Download on Ravelry here


Man Hands – FREE
Blogged here  |  Download on Ravelry

Easy and quick, these simple gloves have just enough pattern to keep you from going batty but are simple enough for dudes to rock without complaining. The waffle stitch pattern is super warm and can show off a variety of yarns. Instructions are given in the pattern for either knitting a basic pair or customizing them exactly to your recipients hands.

Yarn – 1 skein of Tanis Fiber Arts Green Label Aran or approximately 160-200 yards of worsted weight yarn

Size Guide:

Small – 7” wrist, Medium – 8” wrist,  Large – 9” wrist

Bev Cowl

Bev Cowl – FREE
Blogged here  |  Download on Ravelry

I had a few design goals for this cowl. I wanted it to be versatile – warm in the winter and loose for the transitional seasons. I wanted to fit flatteringly around the neck, and not feel like I was wearing a lot of fabric that draped in the front, but didn’t actually cover my chest. Finally, I wanted it to sit well under a jacket, without a ton of fabric bulking up the back of the neck.

The Bev has a clever little split in the back, that helps me achieve all of these things. It’s knit in the round for most for the cowl, and then back and forth for the last third or so. The sewn bind-off means that the bottom of the cowl is loose – to cover your chest and shape itself to your body so it’s not like wearing a tube. Best of all, on 5mm needles this baby can be worked up quickly!

Yarn: 2 skeins Tanis Fiber Arts Green or Orange Label. Samples shown in ‘Sunset’ and ‘Frost’ or approximately 400 yards of worsted weight yarn

Size: One size fits most

man slouch

Man Slouch – FREE
Blogged here  |  Ravely Project Page here

This simple slouch/touque is a quick, mindless, easy knit for both guys and gals.

Because, let’s face it; guys are picky. It can’t be too detailed, in a girly colour or contain un-manly motifs. Here then, is a base pattern for a very simple hat that can be worn slouchy or not, and dressed up easily for the more adventurous. The simple pattern lends itself well to self striping or variagated yarns.

Yarn: 1 skein of Malabrigo Arroyo or 300 yards of any sport weight yarn

Size: One size fits most. Pattern is easily customized.


Lisa’s Shawl
Blogged here  |  Download on Ravelry  |  Craftsy Page here

This easy crochet shawl works up quickly (ah, the speed of crochet!) Simple alternating patterns of solid and openwork rows are accented by adding beads that are visible from both sides of the finished shawl. A tutorial for adding beads to your crochet is included in the pattern.

Yarn: 2 skeins of Tanis Fiber Arts Blue Label (sample shown in ‘Grape’) or 800 yards of sock weight yarn.

Size: One size fits most. Pattern is easily customized.


Bay of Fundy – FREE
Blogged here  |  Ravelry Project page here  |  Craftsy Page here

This scarf is pure luxury to wear – 2 skeins of the softest wool imaginable draped stylishly over your shoulders or wrapped up snug around your neck.

It’s called the Bay of Fundy scarf because it was inspired by the tides at the Bay, and because I knitted most of it while on vacation :) It’s a great travel knit because of the lightweight yarn, and mostly mindless nature of the pattern. The cabling is not complicated but produces a very dense fabric, so if you choose to change yarns make sure to use a needle that is one size larger than your yarn requires.

Yarn: 2 skeins of Tanis Fiber Arts Purple Label Cashmere or approximately 800 yards of sock weight yarn

Size: One size fits most. Pattern is easily customized.

vacation scarf

The Vacation Scarf – FREE

Blogged here |  Download on Ravelry here.

Pampering yourself, and a Good Nights Sleep.

It’s the little things, right? A nice cup of tea, a yarn with silk or cashmere, a few extra minutes to read in bed–sometimes the little luxuries are the things we forget to give ourselves, even though we’ll readily give these things to others. In the name of looking after oneself, I present to you my Christmas gift to me, and a tip for a really great nights sleep:


I knit myself selfish, straightforward, fall-off-the-needles, DK weight socks in a beautiful variegated yarn called ‘Tartan‘ from Tanis Fiber Arts. They are thick and smooshy and the colourful yarn made them a pleasure to knit. 2 days to complete. Yep, 2 day socks.

Now, you don’t need handmade socks for the next bit (though they certainly do help):


Before I go to bed, I try to remember to do this one simple thing for myself (I succeed about once a month, but I’m trying to improve that). I moisturize my feet with something rich, like the Hemp Foot Protector from the Body Shop and then I sprinkle on a few drops of lavender oil. Then I pull my socks on.

I don’t know what it is that does the trick, the moisturizer, the relaxing result of a short foot massage, the oil, the socks or even just the 5 minutes I took to do something totally hedonistic before bed, but I will go on to sleep like a log. Normally I’m a very light sleeper, but this knocks me right out and leaves me feeling refreshed in the morning.


Give it a try, even just for the relaxing results :)



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