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Hubby’s Christmas Socks

Last November, the folks over at Yarn Canada asked if I would give a review of Patons Kroy Socks. I picked out a few colours and cast on… for socks of course :) First favourite thing? They’re self-striping. The stripes are perfect, and it’s possible to get quite OCD about it… which I did.




The second thing is the robust nylon content, 25%, which makes for nice, sturdy socks.


The third thing is the yarn itself; not merino, but wool, so I expected it to be scratchy but was pleasantly surprised. It’s not splitty either, which provided a nice, comfortable knit. The yardage is also quite decent, 166 yards per 50g ball. I bought two balls because I wanted longer socks, but one ball would do for, say, a pair of ankle socks (unless you were picky about matching stripes, in which case maxing out your yardage will be tough).


Hubby loves his so much that I’ve cast on a pair for myself :) So yes, I would definitely knit with it again. Personally, I prefer merino/nylon blends, but sometimes you just need a really hard-wearing sock (think hubby in construction) and this yarn fits the bill.


You can see the full selection of Patons Kroy Sock yarns here. Pattern is Kate Atherley’s Basic Ribbed Sock (which is very awesome and totally free). Ravelry project page here.


Holidays with SweetGeorgia, Vol. 1

As a member of Sweet Georgia’s soundboard, I get sneak peeks at their upcoming patterns and collections, and this week I received the new Holidays with SweetGeorgia, vol. 1. Who doesn’t love a good bit of holiday knitting? This collection features gifts that span the gamut in terms of how long they take to make (I’d say from a week to a weekend) so there’s plenty of time to Christmas and something for everyone :)

Lookbook_CoverI’d like to feature my fave patterns, all of which are on my personal gifting list this year!

Soft Twilight by Corrina Ferguson

I love, love, love the colours. This was the first one to catch my eye (no surprises there, right?) and judging from the pattern it looks complex but is actually quite simple to make, my favourite kind of knitting.


I’m a sucker for blue-greens and also for gradient sets, so this was a perfect hit for me. Not so much into the blue-greens? SweetGeorgia has other colour options available.


Next up, Tallin by Deborah Dar Woon. I confess, I need to make this just because I’m so curious about how it folds together.

017_SGY-Holiday15Final 019_SGY-Holiday15Final

This pattern goes from a hat to a cowl, and stays closed on its own when worn as a hat. I’m wildly curious to understand how it works, but it sounds brilliant!


Ok, my favourite for last: Peninsula by M K Nance.

How beautiful are these?


I suspect they will get made… but possibly not gifted. That’s a knitters prerogative, right?


I love everything about this, the cables, the twisted stitches, it’s texturally rich. Doesn’t look like TV knitting though, and it would be my first pair of toe up, so I might save this for cosy nights on the couch this winter :)

Be sure to check out the lookbook here, there’s something for everyone, and it’s early enough in the season that you can pick more than one!

The Lost Project

Somewhere in the shuffle of my wedding day I lost my knitting! I thought I had done a thorough check of the hotel, and our bags, and the car, but I have to conclude that it’s lost. I’m kinda bummed, because it had a lot of significance to me.


The last known photo of the knitting was just sent to me by my Matron of Honour, thanks Kris!



It begins with a skein of my own Point Pelee Lace in ‘Bajan Pier’. Baja Pier was based on a photo taken where Tito proposed to me.


And then I cast on for Joji Locatelli‘s “A Day to Remember“. Of course.


It was a perfect pairing, really great for showing off my yarn colours. The project was with me when I met the Yarn Harlot at an airport…


And with me at my stagette, which involved much tea, boardgames and knitting (wild night)…


And finally, with me on my wedding day. I worked a few rows while waiting for my bridesmaids to be ready. The next day, for the life of me, I couldn’t find it.


More’s the pity, by that time I was more than halfway through a 1000 yard skein of lace weight, which takes some stamina. It was a beautiful, mindless project though, perfect for carrying through the pre-wedding madness.


Ah well, I hope whoever found it was a knitter! I don’t have the heart to cast on another right now, but I will definitely have to dye up some more Bajan Pier.

The Leaf Hunting Sock Head

This November has been unseasonably warm in Toronto (not that I’m complaining). Before the cold weather comes in, I took advantage of the weather to collect some leaves for a batch of resin jewellery (yes, we’re still making it!) and to get some FO shots of a hat that I actually finished some time ago, and promptly forgot about. The November evening light was magical.


The hat is the sockhead hat by Kelly McClure (Bohoknits). 8500 Ravelers can’t be wrong, right? This hat was an amazing, relaxing knit, totally mindless. It’s great for showing off beautiful yarns, I think I’ll need to work one up in ‘Kim’s Barn’ for myself.


It’s worked up in Madelinetosh sock yarn, in the colour ‘Whiskey Barrel’. It’s a perfect, tonal brown/grey with tiny hits of deep blue that are like treats when you come across one in your knitting.


The slouch is just right :)


For those of you who wondered whether resin jewellery had permanently taken a back seat to hand dyed yarn, we’ve definitely got plans for the winter. Plans that involve autumn leaves and sterling silver.


It is our hope to have both a batch of jewellery and a batch of handprinted yarns on our Etsy site soon enough that we can guarantee delivery before Christmas (to Canadian and US customers, at least).


Stay tuned for updates on both! We are also setting up our studio, and it’s just about ready to go. We’ve only been back in town a week, talk about hitting the ground running.


In all that craziness it’s nice to go for a walk on a leaf hunt. And just look at those colours! Inspiration is everywhere :)

Back in the Saddle

Back in the saddle after many weeks of being preoccupied with wedding stuff, and being away on a truly epic honeymoon :) Feels good to be home, good to be married, and I got to celebrate my birthday in Rome. I’m a lucky girl. Also, we had fireworks.


On our honeymoon, Aine was with me every evening on the ship :) I am completely in love with this cowl, the texture is out of this world! Linda Marveng, the designer, is a genius.


I had been cabling without a needle for most of it, but finally gave in and started using cocktail stir sticks.


I love this photo, because it shows my bridal henna, before it faded off:


This lucky cowl got washed in a cruise ship sink and blocked on our balcony on a sunny day in Greece =D Tough life!

IMG_4369 IMG_4371

And the best part? FO shots in Rome. Not just Rome, but from the Ponte Sant’Angelo (completed 134 AD). How very, very cool is that? In the background you can see the Castel Sant’Angelo.


I dropped from the recommended 13 repeats to only 10, because I’m super short and it just felt better on me. The texture and smoosh factor are out of this world and the reversible cables make me unreasonably happy.


The yarn is Sweet Georgia’s Merino Silk Aran (discontinued) in the colour way ‘Goldmine’. I’ve been hoarding it forever and this was just the perfect project for such a luxury yarn. I couldn’t love it more! Ravelry project page here.


Fall With Sweet Georgia Contest!

A few weeks ago I was thrilled to announce my inclusion as a designer in the collection ‘Fall With Sweet Georgia 2015’ for my pattern, the ‘Siesta’ cowl. It was such an amazing experience, I’m not afraid to tell you that I literally embarrassed all my friends by doing a happy dance in a parking lot when I got the email letting me know that my pattern had been chosen :)

Today I want to focus on some of the other, absolutely stunning patterns in the collection. I want to get knitting, and it’s super had to choose! One of these will definitely come along as my honeymoon knitting project, the question is, which one? Let’s see….

First off, here’s the release post and Lookbook. Absolutely a must-see – check it out!

Here are my faves:

Number one (and no wonder, it was used on the cover): Reiland by Corrina Ferguson.

I LOVE the shape. I love how it looks like it sits on the shoulders and does. not. budge. That lace! DK weight lace! *swoon*.



A little too complicated for vacation knitting though, so next up is ‘Aine’ by Linda Marveng. How comfortable does this look? And, be still my beating heart, the cables are REVERSIBLE. That one detail alone is enough to make me want to sequester myself with tea and knitting for a few days. Yes, this is definitely my lead contender.023_SGY-FW15 024_SGY-FW15

This one is *probably* too ambitious for vacation knitting, but then there’s all that time in airport where you can use something a little spicier to work on, so who knows? And just look at that texture… this is ‘Vineyard’ by Klever Knits. I’m not usually a purple person, but even the colour of this knit kills me.052_SGY-FW15

And finally, the ‘Waggle Hat and Mittens‘ by Yvette Noel, and not only because the name is awesome. Toronto got super chilly this week, and the first place I always feel it is in my hands! I’m sure by the time we come home it will be that much chiller, perhaps the prudent thing is to come home with smooshy new mittens?057_SGY-FW15

So what do you guys think? Check out the rest of the collection on Ravelry here and leave a note in the comments telling me what I should take on vacation! Leave me your email address and/or Ravelry ID as well and you could win a free copy of your favourite pattern! Winner will be chosen at random on Monday morning and be contacted via email or Ravelry, stay tuned to the blog find out what I’ll me taking on my honeymoon :)

Fall with SweetGeorgia Vol 1

Big news at the Blue Brick! The Fall with SweetGeorgia Vol 1 Collection is out, and I’m one of the designers =D I’m super honoured, and excited to be a part of this, with my new design the ‘Siesta’ cowl. Check out the lookbook here, and the entire collection on Ravelry here.

© SweetGeorgia Yarns / Josh Yong, 2015. Fall with SweetGeorgia Vol 1.

© SweetGeorgia Yarns / Josh Yong, 2015. Fall with SweetGeorgia Vol 1.

Siesta began as a series of sketches, based on my love of bandana style cowls. I’m always looking to cover that gap that traditional cowls leave, just where the jacket closes. Also, not being particularly long of neck myself, I love the idea of a cowl that leaves bulk and warmth only where I need it, and has a slim line otherwise.


I played with a textural stitch that I really loved, and added a slipped stitch edging that resembles an i-cord when done, while keeping the edge from rolling.


And the pattern is finally live! The other patterns in the collection are _stunning_ and I am so thrilled to be part of this! Thank you to the folks at Sweet Georgia, and I’m already casting on one of the other gorgeous patterns tonight :)

© SweetGeorgia Yarns / Josh Yong, 2015. Fall with SweetGeorgia Vol 1.

© SweetGeorgia Yarns / Josh Yong, 2015. Fall with SweetGeorgia Vol 1.


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