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Etsy Shop Update, and the last new colours!

Etsy Shop update tomorrow, at 11am EST! This will be the last shop update until mid-late November, and I’m super happy with the work. This update has the new base ‘Manitoulin Merino’; 475 yards of luxurious single-ply merino, and a totally new set of colours. Here are the last two: introducing ‘Meaford’!


This gorgeous colour is available only in Manitoulin merino; 3 precious skeins available tomorrow.


I also created ‘The Battery’; deep ocean blues with hits of bright colours. I’ll be honest, it was a pain to dye, so I doubt we’ll be doing this one again. If you like it, grab it ;)


And how gorgeous is this skein of ‘Night Falls’?


And finally, a recap of the other new colours. Sale goes live at 11am EST tomorrow, hope to see you there!

Wine-Grapes Storm Harvest-Peaches Night-Falls

Where has the time gone?

When we first got engaged, it seems like the big day was ages away, but then just like that it was in less than 3 weeks. It’s amazing how many moving parts a thing like a wedding has, and while my mom has relieved me of 90% of the planning, I still find myself overwhelmed by what’s left. Add to that a hectic day job, the Blue Brick yarn business and what it’s like when your home has become a studio and…. well, let’s just say it’s never boring ;)

I have 2 big announcements today, unrelated to the wedding and totally related to fabulous yarns! The first one is that, this Friday, on our Etsy store at 11am EST I will launch what shall be the very last yarn update until mid-November. This update will feature 5 new colours, 3 of which have already been released on instagram/facebook:

Wine-Grapes Night-Falls Harvest-Peaches

And onto the second announcement, did you notice the gorgeous base that I’ve chosen to use for all three of those photos? Introducing ‘Manitoulin Merino’ – a fingering weight single-ply yarn in 100% merino with a luxurious feel and a generous yardage at 475 yards per skein, perfect for larger shawl projects.


This base picks up colour beautifully, and it feels so luxurious to the touch! It will be hard to let go of all my skeins.


Look for my new Manitoulin Merino in this Friday’s update :)

Last Etsy Update until November – the Harvest Season

Now that Tito and I are less than a month from the wedding, we were seriously hedging about whether or not to do another Etsy update beforehand, or wait until we get back.

We compromised ;) We’re going to do a small Etsy update (60 skeins) so that we’re able to manage dyeing/fulfillment before things really get down to the wire. We had two reasons for deciding to go ahead:

  1. We’re not back from honeymoon until the end of October, so the next Etsy update wouldn’t be until a large one scheduled for mid-November (the Christmas one!).
  2. It’s harvest season here in Southern Ontario, and that means inspiration abounds. Just take a look at this mood board I’ve put together, showcasing some of the pics I’ve taken in the past week!


Water Series 2: Terra Cotta Reflection

More colourways to add this this Friday’s Etsy shop update at 1:00pm EST!

I sent out a sneak peek of this one last night; presenting ‘Terra Cotta Reflection’:


I wanted to branch out of the blues into some rich reds, rust and saffron tones, and the perfect way to do it was a photo I took of the reflection of autumn foliage in the water. I love how painterly the photo turned out, and it was a great base for this colourway.


Kim’s Barn is back by popular demand, and it’s been remastered :) I rebalanced the reds, golds and turquoise tones, and I think the results are much truer to the photo than the original.

Stay tuned for more new colourways to be released this week, including 2 more in my ‘water’ theme and the new and improved Merrickville Gold!

Busy Bees – New colour ways and Etsy Sale!

We’ve been working around the clock inventing new colour ways for an Etsy Shop update happening this Friday at 1pm EST. I’m pushing the time forward a bit to make things easier for west coast knitters :)

A few things that are going to be new for this sale:

  • US and Canadian shoppers will now receive tracking numbers on all shipments, and expedited parcel shipping. Shipping will be *slightly* more expensive than it was last time for US shoppers, but I think you’ll appreciate the difference!
  • Each colourway will have more options for purchases. Per colour I am trying to list 4 Tobermory Worsted, 4 Escarpment DK, 4 Killarney Sock and 4 Point Pelee Lace. At the current size of our operation we have maxed out the size of each dye lot, but this is twice as big as last time and should provide shoppers with more options.

(PSST! I will be launching a new, free and super simple pattern on the blog tomorrow, stay tuned!)

And now to the colours!
Thor’s Well is in Portland, OR, in a place with the incredibly romantic name of ‘Cape Perpetua’. It’s an ocean sinkhole that fills with water during high tide and then spews it back out. At low tide it’s hard to notice, but at high… it’s spectacular. I don’t recommend trying to shoot it alone, as it’s a bit dangerous and there’s a good chance that you’ll get salt water on your equipment, but if you can make it happen, then you couldn’t ask for a place with more drama.


The Leslie Street Spit is here in Toronto. When the excavation was done for our subway lines, the construction refuse was dumped down at the lake, gradually growing into a long spit of land that nature has reclaimed over the years and which has become an important stopover for migratory birds. Because of the nature of the place, you can still see fascinating evidence of how the spit was built, like this Greek-style pillar sticking up out of the lake.


Can you see the theme yet? The theme has been ‘water’. And no discussion of the ocean would be complete without the warm, turquoise waters of the caribbean. This last colour way is ‘Bajan Pier’, and it’s an abandoned pier in Barbados. The colour of the sand, the water and the rusted pier are just perfect, and to add to my personal attachment to the place, this is where Tito proposed to me <3.


More colour ways are in the offing today, including favourites from last time like Merrickville Gold and Kim’s Barn. I will post more colours, as well a re-skeined versions, as they become available :)

The Blue Brick’s Yarn Bases

We’re ready to ship! Everyone who ordered last Friday can expect their goodies very soon. I finally got my yarn tags in, which was the last bit I needed. I can’t express how happy it makes me to see this pile of Merrickville Gold with my yarn tags attached.


On that note, I’ve finalized my list of bases that the Blue Brick will carry on a regular basis. We’ve chosen to name each base after a place in Ontario that we love. It may be confusing at first, but we find it quite charming, and though we plan to branch out into photography from around the world, I wanted each skein to still have a connection to home.

Tobermory Worsted

  • Worsted Weight
  • 100% Superwash Merino
  • 200 yards/182 metres per skein

Escarpment DK

  • DK weight
  • 100% Superwash Merino
  • 256 yards/234 metres per skein

Killarney Sock

  • Fingering Weight Sock
  • 80/20 Superwash Merino/Nylon
  • 420 yards/384 metres per skein

Point Pelee Lace

  • Lace Weight
  • 100% Superwash Merino
  • 980 yards/877 metres per skein


All skeins are shipping with a 4×6 or 5×5 print (depending on the shot) on kodak metallic paper. In addition, we plan to carry a few special things from time to time:

Niagara MCN Sock

  • Fingering Weight MCN Sock
  • 80/10/10 Superwash Merino/Cashmere/Nylon
  • 378 yards/345 metres per skein

Lake Superior Bamboo Sock

  • Fingering Weight Bamboo Sock
  • 70/20/10 Superwash Merino/Bamboo/Nylon
  • 466 yards/426 metres per skein


As soon as all these goodies are in the mail, we will get dyeing again! Over the next few days I will feature each of my bases one at a time, with photos of the place that it’s named after :)

To Reskein, or Not to Reskein?

I’ve been sharing some images lately of the reskeined work getting ready to ship, and a few folks have asked about the ‘why’ of reskeining, so I thought I’d talk a little about it here.

IMG_2864 DSCF0798

During the hand painting process, things can get very messy. By reskeining, I am making sure that my skein has already been through a swift and skein winder, so my customer is going to get a nice, neat skein that unwinds easily when they’re ready to start working with it. It’s like a last-stage quality check. Everyone has had a skein that turned into a hot mess when they tried to unwind it, and it’s never fun.

Reskeining a hank also provides a better understanding of how the colours will actually sit beside each other in the knitting. For example:


This is a fantastic shot for showing my original intent when I was hand painting. The skein, unwound looks like this:


Reskeined, it looks like this:


And compared against the original photo, you can still see the connection:


I don’t reskein if the hank is already nice and neat and ready to ship, but if I see any rogue threads or think that the skein is likely to give trouble later then I absolutely will rewind it :)

IMG_2877 IMG_2880 IMG_2875 IMG_2874


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