I know, it’s been all jewellery lately, but I do have knitting to share – I’ve just been having so much trouble getting it photographed in these short, dark days!

Today I just wanted to show off 2 necklaces that were worked in sterling silver. I don’t normally work in this medium, but these two ladies were special so I went all out :)

lariat necklace

Both of these are lariat style necklaces with clasps in the back. This one features a 6mm square cut swarovski wrapped in a sterling silver band.

lariat necklace

And this one was a replacement for a friend who’s home was broken into recently. Among the things that were taken was a necklace she had purchased from me. As she pointed out, while the break in was annoying – the theft choices were oddly flattering.

lariat necklace

For this one I used sterling silver elements with brushed silver finishes. The small ring at the bottom contains a circle of maple leaf preserved in resin.

lariat necklace

I’ve already given this one to it’s recipient and she loves it :) Lariat necklaces fall so beautifully when you wear them – such a cute, classy look.

I love gift giving, and gift making – best part of the holidays!

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