Taking it to another level

So I’ve been really addicted to resin lately – but definitely ready to move away from the leaves (good thing too, we had our first snowfall today!). The last 2 days I’ve been experimenting with putting drawings into resin and I came up with some very fun things.

Resin jewellery

This one is for me, but I’ll be making more for sale soon because I love it :) The reason I can’t sell them yet is because they don’t *quite* work for me, the design needs to be refined and I have a few ideas on how to do it.

Resin jewellery

Here’s another take on the same idea but using washi instead of drawings. I love the result! As soon as I solve ¬†a few logistical issues these will hit my shop.

Resin jewellery

The last of the leaf jewellery went up today as well, including this overlong copper necklace, sized to hang low on the chest, perfect for sweater season!

I also included a few festive items, also on overlong chains, like this copper ‘hope’ pendant.

Resin jewellery

Tito has weighed in as well by drawing cute elements for me to use in the work – I think this would be cute as an embellishment on a notebook or leather cuff, but it’s adorable on a chain as well.

Resin jewellery

Check out the Etsy shop for these and more updates!

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