Sneak peek – new Yarn Bowls and Wooly Muggeths!

These ones will be cute, promise. I was getting bored of throwing the same shape every time, so I’ve gone and had a little fun with this round.

yarn bowl

This is Fred. He likes yarn, probably as much as I do.

yarn bowl

(Ahem) rear view; Fred has been created from a mold, so I can make a little army of Fred’s to guard each pot.

yarn bowl

This is Sally – she’s got her own yarn to hang out with.

yarn bowl

What? Valentines is coming up, you know.

yarn bowl

The dragonfly pot

yarn bowl

This one will be lovely – I can’t wait to glaze it =o)

Wooly muggeths

And I couldn’t forget the latest round of wooly muggeths – destined to be wrapped in what’s left of my TFA Grape and Mallard skeins. Who doesn’t want frogs in their drink?

Updated pics to come when this lot has been fired and glazed =o)

In other news, I’ve been pre-approved for my first mortgage! Tomorrow I’m viewing my first prospective properties, I’m sure there will be trials and tribulations ahead, but right now all I can think of is how much fun house shopping sounds. Did I say house? I meant snazzy, sexy, waterfront condo shopping. w00t!

  2 comments for “Sneak peek – new Yarn Bowls and Wooly Muggeths!

  1. January 27, 2011 at 2:54 pm

    Hi Shireen! I’m so happy for you, good luck!
    I just love those qute frogs! And the dragonfly is beautiful! I like always things with some fun! Yours are adorable! They are really nice like that without any colours – but I’m sure that when I see them coloured, I will be suprised!
    Sunny wishes! Teje

  2. YF
    February 3, 2011 at 12:10 pm

    Frogs! Frogs and dragonflies! So wonderful Shireen! Very auspicious to have such great “guardians.” These next generation yarn bowls and wooly muggets are stunning and fun! There is no stopping you! Ideas and fresh perspectives just flow from you. Congrats on another winner!!

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